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Tannielle McHugh, Psychology Student

Seeking wisdom through performing arts and psychology

30/08/2022 |

Meet Tannielle, a UWA Psychology student and performing arts enthusiast from Ardyaloon community, also known as One Arm Point, just north of Broome, WA.

As a performing artist, Tannielle hopes to run arts workshops to improve mental health in Aboriginal communities. "Growing up I was very shy and reserved. I didn't like talking to people I didn't know and during high school I was introduced to acting and I loved it."

Hear her story about developing a love of acting and the performing arts as a way to break out of her shell. By introducing performing arts into therapy, she hopes to break down the barriers stopping young Indigenous people asking for help and to encourage them to chase their dreams.

I want to see Indigenous communities chase their dreams. - Tannielle McHugh


If you’re seeking to follow your passion in Psychology  like Tannielle, check out some of our flexible ways to get started.




Wisdom Seekers: Expression

Tannielle McHugh
Psychology Student

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