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UWA Students on lawn

UWA student and grad working towards gender equity

19/03/2024 |
2 minutes

Let’s meet Georgie and Haseeb.

Georgie (she/her) completed her Honours in Marketing at UWA and is now the Deputy Mayor for the Town of Mosman Park. She has a golden retriever named Maggie, is a talented stained-glass artist and is officially ranked 36th in WA in competitive jigsaw puzzles (yes, that’s a thing!).

Haseeb (he/him) is studying his Doctor of Medicine and loves ultimate frisbee, cooking, and travelling. He loves travelling, recently going to Jordan over the summer break, and is passionate about volunteering with student not-for-profits like Man Up, Ignite, Teach Learn Grow, and Uni Camp for Kids, and encourages every fresher to get involved!

On top of this, Georgie and Haseeb have both been selected to represent WA on the Global Institute for Women's Leadership (GIWL) Global Youth Committee.

Georgie is particularly focused on the challenge of young leaders feeling disconnected from the decisions shaping their futures, particularly when it comes to politics.

“Young people crave a political arena that's not just diverse and inclusive but also safe and supportive. By championing a political culture where young people are valued and heard, we can pave the way for policies that truly reflect the rich tapestry of our communities.”

She says,

Being on the Youth Committee represents an opportunity to contribute to reducing barriers for young women and gender-diverse leaders, especially those from marginalised backgrounds.

For Haseeb, he feels particularly excited and privileged to be selected as one of the only male members of the Youth Committee and hopes it will provide insight into better ways for male voices to support and listen to voices of change in the gender equity movement.

“The GIWL committee at ANU is an incredible collection of young people from across the country working towards gender equity in Australia and abroad through research and advocacy,” said Haseeb.

Haseeb is passionate about healthy masculinity and the reinvention of male behaviour patterns.

We have some talented individuals leading the charge in shaping the social issues faced by today’s youth, and we can’t wait to see the impact that Haseeb, Georgie and the rest of the GIWL Global Youth Committee makes.

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