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Aadhi shares how being a Peer Supporter has impacted his personal development

05/10/2023 |
2 minutes

Meet Aadhi – platformers lover, reader of Warhammer 40K lore and Master of Biological Science (Zoology) student.

While he says there’s a 95 per cent chance he’s at Reid Library right now, his favorite place on campus is Riley Oval, but only at night because that’s when it’s “Reily” scenic. Yep, Aadhi appears to also be partial to a dad joke!

Originally from India, Aadhi (he/him) grew up in the Middle East and moved between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. But always knew he wanted to study at university further afield. 

“I assumed I would only be here for my undergraduate degree, but an interest in research really snuck up on me and now I’m doing a masters. I plan to carry on and do a PhD here too. You can never get too smart. That, and I’d also like to have “Doctor” as a title,” he says.

Aadhi is known for being a calm, supportive guy who connects easily with people, which has made him a natural fit to work as a Peer Supporter at The Living Room and Residential Advisor at University Hall. 

“Residential Advisors provide pastoral care for residents and facilitate community building within our college. We are the first point of contact for residents for academic or mental health and wellbeing related support,” Aadhi says.

“Being a Peer Supporter at The Living Room is no different, except I now help the broader UWA community from across the road.

The Living Room is a judgement free space for students from all walks of life. We can help you navigate through and connect with the various supports available at UWA. We can even play UNO and make origami if that’s what you’d like. You may not even want to talk to anyone, and instead simply hang out with our lovely doggos!

As we acknowledge WA Mental Health Day, Aadhi shares his top three wellbeing tips:

  1. Prioritise yourself where possible. We can’t always be expected to perform at our best, especially if we neglect ourselves.
  2. Treat yourself with more kindness. It’s good to challenge yourself, but also learn to appreciate the journey and how far you’ve come.
  3. Don’t look to the future with such fear. The uncertainty of our futures is an uncomfortable thought, but nothing comes for worrying over it. Think about the future too much and it detracts you from valuing the here and now.

If there’s one experience which has impacted Aadhi’s personal development the most while at UWA, he would say it’s been as a Peer Supporter.

“Development comes in different ways, and this role has opened my eyes to being more empathetic and considerate. We all experience life a bit differently, and to have the capacity to see that is something this role has inculcated more strongly in me. Self-improvement comes not just from within, but also from an appreciation to grow alongside others.”

If you want to have a chat with Aadhi or another Peer Supporter, The Living Room at the Shenton House Wellbeing Hub is open Monday to Friday, 11am-4pm. No appointment necessary.

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