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UWA Students on lawn

How Sammy and her support dog are helping students de-stress

01/05/2023 |
3 minutes

Sammy with pet dog Yoshi

Meet Sammy (she/her) –Neuropsychologist-in-training, avid gamer 🎮 and proud dog mum to UWA’s resident therapy dog, Yoshi! 🐶

Sammy is undertaking a combined Masters and PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology, has ambitions to become double certified as a clinical psychologist and is passionate about mental health and wellbeing.

When Sammy’s not working, studying or sneaking in a quick Legend of Zelda session, you’ll find her and Yoshi hanging out with UWA’s wellbeing team at The Living Room, where Yoshi has a furry important mission!

“Our role is to bring lots of happy floofy vibes, she is such a sweet dog and loves attention and pats! You can physically see how Yoshi improves someone’s day.”

Sammy says many students are unaware of the amazing support services available to them, such as The Living Room.

It’s such a wonderful space and great for anyone needing to take a moment for themselves, or wanting to chat to someone open and supportive, also Yoshi and other wonderful doggos are there!

Sammy shares her tips about balancing a demanding schedule with your mental health and wellbeing.

“Know yourself! What are your triggers and warning signs? Do you get irritable when you don’t sleep, do you ruminate about assignments? We all have things that impact us negatively and being aware of them is so important.”

Sammy likens managing your mental health to a net. ðŸ‘­

“The more strings you have the stronger the net will be to support you – supportive friends and family, therapy, exercise that makes you happy, nourishing food, limiting social media to name a few.”

Mental health is not mental illness, mental health, like physical health is something we ALL have to manage!

Need pats? ðŸ™‹ðŸ» Sammy and Yoshi hang out with the wellbeing team at The Living Room at Shenton House once a month. 

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