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Find out what inspires Fogarty Scholar Caleb to follow his dreams

17/05/2023 |
3 minutes

Meet Caleb – future engineer, Fogarty Scholar and Haiku enthusiast. Caleb (his/him) has a natural curiosity about the world and an interest in how things work, so when it came to deciding what to study, a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) was a fitting choice.

I’m interested in bridging the gap between engineering, mathematics and medicine to find innovative solutions to complex issues. I believe we can develop ground-breaking technologies and treatments that improve people’s lives.

This commitment to creating positive change saw Caleb win a Fogarty Scholarship in 2022. He says his involvement with the Fogarty Foundation has provided him with amazing opportunities to learn and network with some inspiring people.

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting individuals I would not have met otherwise and have made connections with peers who share my passions and interests.”

We asked Caleb about his interests outside of engineering.

“I love writing haikus! I’ve set a personal goal of writing at least one haiku every day, which has helped me to hone my creative writing skills and develop my ability to express my thoughts in concise, meaningful ways.”

Caleb says if he’s in need of inspiration, he’ll head to his favourite place on campus, Hackett Café.

“It's the perfect place to unwind, meet new people or get some studying done. The ambient music creates a soothing atmosphere that helps me focus and stay productive.”

As for his secret superpower?

The ability to seize opportunities that come my way! I believe that one should never let fear or self-doubt hold them back from pursuing their dreams. Instead, they should take a leap of faith and give everything a go. This attitude has allowed me to take on challenges that I may not have felt qualified for, but ultimately have led to some of my greatest accomplishments.

Feeling inspired, or know someone who might be eligible for a Fogarty Scholarship? Find out out more eligibility and criteria.

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