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Meet Nicole

22/09/2020 |

Picture of UWA student Nicole wearing a crown made of leaves and standing in front of a garden.

Meet Nicole - big dreamer, Perth lover and Master of Commerce student from Italy.

She’s one of the first students to take part in the bilateral double degree program that lets you earn a Master of Commerce from UWA and M.Sc in Management from Milan's Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in just two years. She had always dreamed of coming to Australia.

The first time she heard about the double degree program was when she was outside her classroom in Milan and heard a woman speaking with an Australian accent – not an everyday occurrence! After hearing about the program she told her parents “next year I’ll go to Australia”… and now her dream has come true.

She had never been to Perth before, but has already fallen in love with the city. In particular, she likes the atmosphere and people. She thinks that in Milan everyone is always running somewhere, while Perth is more relaxed – something she could easily get used to!

On her first day at UWA she was amazed by the campus and its beauty, and still enjoys walking around and getting lost in new spots. She says there’s always something interesting to do and being at UWA is a fantastic way to make new friends and gain new experiences.

Studying at UWA is much more practical than what she’s used to, and she likes how the Master of Commerce takes a critical approach and encourages you to build your own ideas. While it can seem tough sometimes, she always feels satisfied at the end and enjoys everything she’s done.

The weeks leading up to leaving Italy were stressful (she was waiting for her visa and worried she wouldn’t be able to leave), but luckily it all worked out – she booked her flight two days before flying out, and made it just in time. Since then, she’s appreciated every single thing and feels very lucky to be in such a safe place. She says everyone has been lovely during a difficult situation, and the people at UWA have made her feel at home.

Thinking of studying overseas? In Nicole’s words:

From the bottom of my heart I will say to just go for it. It is the best experience I have ever had without any doubt. Make the most of the world around you. It is a big and wonderful world out there and it would be a shame not to experience it as much as you can. Never stop opening your eyes to new possibilities, challenge your thoughts and stereotypes and come back as a new person. It is an amazing way to make everlasting memories and friendships, and at the same time it will also make you appreciate the familiarity of home.

The double degree program is open to UWA and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore students. To find out more, visit UWA's Global Learning StudioJoin the UWA Students conversation by following your student socials - FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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