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Meet Rashdina

15/03/2022 |

Humans of UWA Rashdina

Meet Rashdina - Psychology and Criminology student, keen Candy Crush player, ‘picnic-er’ and bread baker.

Rashdina has cultivated her interest in people and their patterns, not only in her studies but also in her involvement in various clubs and societies at UWA. She spent her first two years on the International Student Department and is now an Ordinary Guild Councillor on the UWA Student Guild and is the Chair of this year’s Guild Council. Growing up in Malaysia and going on to spend her high school and university life here in Perth as an international student, Rashdina loves sharing her diverse experiences and culture with those around her, whilst also learning about others and their cultures just as much.

When you are far away from home for so long, to cope with how much you miss and yearn for it, you make one for yourself wherever you are.

This week is Harmony Week (15 to 22 March) which is dedicated to celebrating our cultural diversity. It highlights the importance of inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all.

Harmony Week is a time to celebrate and appreciate the diversity we have on campus. It’s a time to remember that while sometimes it’s hard coming from a different background and trying to get through many hardships somewhere far from home, it’s important to celebrate the efforts you made in getting how far you have come. It’s about appreciating that you get to bring your culture wherever you go because it’ll always be a part of who you are. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have more than one place you call home and sometimes it’s the distance that makes you appreciate and want to share it with others even more.

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