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The transition from high school to uni – how your teen can prepare for life at UWA

08/07/2022 |

Is it possible to attend too many Open Days? That’s definitely not the case for Tainah who came along to every UWA Open Day since she was in Year 9 – and she brought (read: dragged) her mum Fabi along with her to every. single. one. So when it came to deciding where to study it was a no brainer – UWA was the obvious choice. If your teenager is choosing a uni or getting ready for university, you can arm yourself with info about uni life to help them make the leap – and you don’t have to worry if you haven’t hit quite as many uni open days as Tainah and Fabi! We sat down with Tainah and Fabi, to find out what the transition from high school to uni is really like and the perks of uni life.


Tainah is now in her second year of her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Law and Society at UWA. Thinking back to her time at school and comparing Year 12 to uni life now –she tells us  uni life is a whole lot better. Tainah loves the freedom that comes with studying at uni and being accountable for your own schedule. Unlike high school where every hour is planned for you by your teachers, instead, you’re responsible for managing your own time and routine at uni.

"There’s so much more freedom than what you actually think, which is great. And it’s a big jump, but it’s a great jump. It’s your own journey at uni, you don’t feel forced to do things, you get to choose how and when you study."

As a parent, watching your teen find their feet at uni can be exciting and perhaps a little nerve-wracking. As your teen becomes more independent and takes on more responsibility, you may notice changes in their personality. This was true for Fabi who noticed a positive change in her daughter since transitioning to uni. Fabi is proud to see her daughter flourishing at uni while building her life skills through her uni experiences. 
“Tainah’s very engaged with all aspects of uni life and she’s made so many friends from her classes and the clubs she’s joined at UWA. She’s become confident, passionate and assertive, in her roles and her achievements. She loves university life.”

Mother and daughter

In her second year of studying, Tainah’s settling into uni life, finding her place at UWA and discovering the best bits. When comparing what she expected uni would be like versus what the reality is, the most exciting aspect is all the opportunities available and taking advantage of them.

“At uni, you have to seek opportunities, it’s not like high school. I think everything lived up to my expectations, I went in quite optimistic ready to look for what opportunities were available and take them."

The only negative to how busy Tainah is at uni, is that she doesn’t always answer Fabi’s calls – but for good reason. Tainah’s favourite aspects of uni life are socialising and learning from others. Finding her passions and combining them with her volunteering, she’s become a member of the Women’s Department for Student Guild and Students for Refugees club. Interacting with different people from all areas of the uni has enriched her outlook on life.

Social club stand

“My point of view has changed because I've just learned so many new things, and my perspective has changed so much too. You just meet new people that obviously educate you and open your eyes to new activities, new point of views and everything."

Uni life is a great way for your teen to discover their passions, meet new people from all walks of life and develop their life skills. UWA has plenty of opportunities beyond the classroom for your teen to seek new experiences, find out more about life at UWA.

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