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Finding student accommodation in Perth

12/01/2023 |

Finding student accommodation in Perth is an important part of any pre-semester planning and this year is no different. With so many options out there, choosing the perfect place to settle can be a challenge, especially if you're coming from overseas and don't have first hand knowledge of the local area and rental market.

While our world class residential colleges are often the first choice for students, some prefer to find accommodation off-campus. This can be more challenging than it seems, so we wanted to ask the experts at the recently-launched UWA Accommodation Concierge - a new service that takes the guess work out of finding the right accommodation for you - to give us their top tips for securing the best off-campus living.

We asked Senior Accommodation Officer, Michael Johnson (he/him), to tell us his top three recommendations for student accommodation in Perth.

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 1. Head to the Accommodation Concierge Online Hub

From the new Online Hub, you'll be able to see the best accommodation options, view partner providers and availabilities with up-to-date accuracy of information.

"We first recommend all of our students visit the Online Hub so they can familiarise themselves with what is out there. If they run into any challenges along the way, the Concierge team are available in person at the Future Students Contact Centre, over the phone or by email."

2. Live like a local with UWA Hosted Accommodation

One of the best parts about being an international student is getting the opportunity to 'live like a local' and nothing will give you a more local experience like staying a local's home while you study. In partnership with Australian Homestay Network, UWA Hosted Accommodation is a solution for those who may have missed out on College Row this semester, and need a place to stay while they wait for next semester's intake.

"UWA Hosted Accommodation is such a fantastic, budget-friendly option for student accommodation in Perth. Especially for international students who might be unsure about how they'll make friends or fit in while in a completely new environment. The hosts are lovely (they undergo training and background checks to ensure this) and our students tell us it really is a great option - both for a transitional period or longer term."

3. Find a share house using

"I think a challenge for many of our students coming from overseas is not having the experience of applying for flat-share arrangements locally and often times being afraid that there aren't many properties or opportunities to go around. While we have our endorsed accommodation options via the Online Hub, I always recommend that students check out what is available on You can set up a profile for what you're looking for and proactively seek out places to live."

Finding a flatmate or a property to share amongst a few friends can seem a daunting task, but with so many properties available, the key to securing a great share house in Perth is to put in a bit of effort. Make sure you regularly check for updates on the website, ensure you are searching widely enough to capture all the suitable locations, book inspections as soon as they become available (or as soon as you arrive in Perth) and have a complete profile that includes a clear photograph and some information about yourself - interests, what you're studying, hobbies and house share preferences. That way potential flatmates can learn a bit about you before you come for an inspection and decide if you're a good match for their homes. offers tips on finding accommodation via their handy how-to guides.

It is important to remember that your university years will be some of the most important and memorable years of your life, so you should aim to make that experience as diverse as possible. While you may have your heart set on one type of student accommodation, mixing things up and trying new things builds resilience and can bring new and exciting experiences to your higher education adventure. 

For more information about finding accommodation in Perth, or for further support, reach out to UWA Accommodation Concierge via the Accommodation Concierge Online Hub.

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