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5 Reasons to study the Bachelor of Mathematics

24/10/2023 |

A degree in mathematics is not just about numbers and equations; it’s a gate way to a world of possibilities, equipped with a versatile skill set that can take you on diverse career journeys. But why study the Bachelor of Mathematics at UWA?  

1. Build a strong foundation 

Our Bachelor of Mathematics offers a solid foundation in different areas of mathematics – from calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, complex analysis, probability and statistics, differential equations and mathematical modelling, our degree will lay a strong foundation which will develop your mathematical expertise.  

2. Learn from world-class experts

UWA is home to world-class researchers in mathematics and you could have the opportunity to learn from these researchers and participate in some cutting-edge projects in your later years of study. For example, our Complex Data and Modelling research group develops mathematical, statistical and computational methodology to support engineering projects.

You'll gain valuable research experience, as well as the opportunity to develop strong relationships with academics who can serve as mentors and references in the future.

3. Tailor your studies

With our course structure, you have the opportunity to align your studies with your interest and career goals by choosing elective units that interest you. Be empowered to explore specific aspects of mathematics that intrigue you and develop expertise in areas most relevant to your interest and/or chosen career path.

4. Career Opportunities 

A mathematics degree will equip you with a unique skill set that is highly sought after in several industries, including:  

  • Finance – a mathematician’s ability to analyse complex data, assess risk and make informed decisions are valuable for financial institutions. Examples of roles in the financial industry available to maths graduates include quantitative analysts, actuaries and financial analyst.
  • Data Analysis – In the era of Big Data, mathematicians play a critical role in finding valuable insights from vast datasets. Those who find themselves in careers as a data scientists, statistician or data analyst will rely on mathematical techniques to make informed decisions. 
  • Engineering and Technology – Engineers and technologists use mathematical models and simulations to design and optimise systems, products and processes. A degree in mathematics can be leveraged in any engineering field, from aerospace to software engineering!  

5. Beyond Practical Applications 

Mathematics isn’t just a tool for solving real-world problems; it’s also a journey of intellectual curiosity and appreciation for the subject. Develop your critical thinking abilities, logical reasoning, abstract thinking, and the ability to construct rigorous mathematical proofs developed during your studies are invaluable in a professional setting.  


Get Started 

Our Bachelor of Mathematics degree is the first of its kind in WA and offers a comprehensive and flexible educational experience that will equip you with a strong foundation in mathematics, analytical skills, and interdisciplinary knowledge; beyond practical applications, our course is also designed to foster your intellectual curiosity and love for mathematics. Whether you want to use mathematics to tackle-real world problems or you simply enjoy the elegance of mathematics, let us take you on a journey of knowledge and discovery.  

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