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Passionate about the ocean? Hear from a Master of Ocean Leadership student

21/02/2023 |
2.5 MINS

As a former diver and current member of the Oceans Graduate School Student Society, Louise Richardson is pursuing her passion to solve ocean challenges through the Master of Ocean Leadership. We had the opportunity to chat with her about her experience studying the course at UWA. 

Experience in ocean science isn’t necessary; you only need a passion for the ocean.

Why is the study of Ocean Leadership important? 

We need all aspects of ocean scientists and engineers to collaborate to solve the issues facing the world’s oceans. A Master of Ocean Leadership graduate can pull together knowledge from various sources to help solve critical problems. It creates the leaders of the ocean science community to solve the barriers that other sciences cannot solve alone.


Why did you choose to study at UWA?

My main reasoning behind wanting to study at UWA was its industry connections, as well as the multidisciplinary approach of the Oceans Graduate School.  The resources, education potential, and regular presentations from industry professionals are what sets it apart.


Tell us about studying the Master of Ocean Leadership.

The Master of Ocean Leadership is unique in its approach. It creates an environment where I can study across various schools to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the applications of ocean science. What I enjoy most about the course is that students get to attend the field and chat with professionals working in the industry. The class sizes are smaller, which allows us to engage well with others and learn from each other.


What’s a day in the life of a Master of Ocean Leadership student like?

Our classes are either intensive or semester-long, meaning we may spend one day on one subject or have several classes as internal students. My days are filled with coursework; I have been a part-time student until recently, and this course allows full-time workers to juggle a balance that suits them. We are a close cohort, so we know our fellow students well. We spend time working together on group work and socialising.


What are some interprofessional collaboration experiences you have had while studying at UWA?

I have been honoured to work with the Australian Ocean Energy Group on their Market Investigation project, through connections with UWA.  Through the McCusker Internship program at UWA, I was partnered with the Department of Planning, Lands, and Heritage on a GIS investigation project.


What are your career goals after you graduate?

After I graduate, I am interested in working in the offshore renewable energy space. I want to learn as much as possible to take that knowledge to this emerging sector.


What advice would you give someone considering postgraduate study in Ocean Leadership?

If you have a background in ocean science or biology and want to expand your knowledge, this is the course for you. However, experience in ocean science isn’t necessary; you only need a passion for the ocean. The support, peers, and lecturers make the program incredibly worth it. Our cohort comes from various backgrounds; they are a high-achieving and driven group working to change how we interact with our oceans. 


Interested to see where a Master of Ocean Leadership could take you? Explore the course information.

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