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Want to do Arts? Choose these ATAR subjects...

02/02/2021 |

If you’re in Year 10 or almost there, you’re probably trying to decide whether to pursue ATAR or not. If you do decide to go down the ATAR path, the next step is choosing which ATAR subjects will lead to the course you want to study at uni.

A Bachelor of Arts lets you major in a whole range of subjects within arts, business, law and design. You can take a language like Chinese or Spanish, delve into History, study Criminology, check out Political Science and International Relations, or a number of other areas.

For those thinking of applying for a Bachelor of Arts at UWA, here’s our guide to choosing your ATAR subjects.

1. What you need: minimum entry requirements for the Bachelor of Arts

All advice offered below is for students completing their ATAR in Western Australia. For those joining us from interstate or internationally, check out your specific English language requirements.

To study the UWA Bachelor of Arts and any of the majors within it, if you’re in Western Australia, you’ll need to have achieved:

  • a scaled mark of 50 or above in English ATAR, Literature ATAR or English as an Additional Language or Dialect ATAR.
  • a minimum ATAR of 75.00 or equivalent.

You can also seek other entry pathways through Fairway UWA, First in Family, Indigenous study opportunities, AccessUWA, transfer pathway and so forth.

2. What you might like: other ATAR subjects you may want to take

More specifically, here are some suggestions on ATAR subjects that could set you up well for your uni Arts studies. None of these are required, they’re simply recommendations from us to you.

If you want to… 

 Consider taking…

 …take a language or do Linguistics

(You like languages)

 …an ATAR language taught at your school. If you continue with it at uni, you might go straight into an advanced class. You can also study a language at uni from beginner level, without prior learning.

 …do Classics and Ancient History

(You like reading about the Ancient Greeks and Romans)

 …Ancient History and Modern History


(You like asking the big questions in life and thinking critically)

 …Philosophy and Ethics, Politics and Law, Religion and Life, Ancient History

 …Communication and Media Studies

(You like social media other forms of communication)

 …Literature, Media Production and Analysis, Drama, Design, Philosophy and Ethics, Business Management and Enterprise

 …Criminology, Law and Society, or Business Law 

(You’re interested in the law and its place in society)

 …Politics and Law, Philosophy and Ethics, Religion and Life, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies

 …Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage

(You want to learn about our first peoples)

 …Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies, Politics and Law

 …Music Studies

(You got the rhythm and beats)

(Or you could apply for the new Bachelor of Music to specialise professionally)

 …Music, Media Production and Analysis, Dance, Drama

 …Political Science and International Relations, or Philosophy, or Psychology in Society

(You’re interested in understanding people)

(Or you could apply for the new Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

 …Politics and Law, Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology, Human Biology, as well as Children, Family and the Community

 …Human Geography and Planning

(You notice the world around you)

 …Geography, Integrated Science, Psychology, as well as Children, Family and the Community


A final word: stick to what you enjoy

ATAR is difficult enough without forcing yourself into a shape you don’t fit. Studies show that you’re more likely to excel if you choose to study what you enjoy, so why not give yourself the best chance and have fun doing it.

Choose the subjects that spark your wonder, give you those precious a-ha moments, and keep your creative juices flowing.

The information in this publication is current as at February 2021 and is subject to change. You can find updated information on our website at

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