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A day in the life of a communications student

01/09/2020 |

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m in my second year of the Master of Strategic Communication at UWA.  

I joined UWA in August 2016 after graduating from the Taylors College Intensive Foundation Program. After Taylors, I studied a Bachelor of Arts with Communication and Media Studies as my degree-specific major and Fine Arts as my second major.  

Before university, I explored working as a freelance artist, photographer and filmmaker, so media was always an interest of mine. Once I joined UWA and learnt about media in an educational and supportive setting, I fell in love with it.  

I had a fantastic time in my undergraduate degree. I learned a great deal about anthropology and sociology while honing my passion – media practices. 


I knew a Master of Strategic Communication was right for me because: 

  1. I enjoyed studying Communication and Media Studies so much in undergrad that I wanted to keep studying it so I could develop my knowledge and understanding further.

  2. During my undergraduate degree, I talked with friends who were studying a Master of Strategic Communication and university mentors. 

  3. When contemplating finally graduating, it seemed to me a Master of Strategic Communication could open many more pathways for work in fields I find interesting. 

“My favourite part of being a Master of Strategic Communication student is the fantastic teachers. My lecturers and tutors have always been unbelievably kind and understanding, while providing a stellar education and every opportunity a student needs to succeed.”


What’s the first year of study like? 

It was daunting at first – certainly an increase in workload from undergrad – but it doesn’t take long to acclimatise. Soon I became much more confident in my studies. 

What’s the second year of study like? 

It’s exciting! Now that I have a solid foundation to work on and have experienced what is expected of me in class, the sky’s the limit. The workload doesn’t get lighter, but it’s still as interesting as ever. The degree helps in expanding my scope of understanding and adding value to what I’ve already learned. Essentially, I feel as though I’m learning specialised skills. 

My typical day 


Make a hearty breakfast, check the news, morning stretches.


For the most part, I bring in my own lunch and will have a quiet meal in or by the Sunken Garden. If my mates are around, we head to the Tavern.


Afternoon is for my readings and whatever work I have to do. I typically find a quiet spot around uni or UniHall and knock out my work for the day. 

After dark 

This is when I kick back and relax. I’ll either do some art, watch a few movies or experiment with cooking (not always successfully). 


A lot of artwork and, at times, photography. I also recently picked up running and cycling as a way to keep me busy. 

Future plans

Apart from the degree itself, I’m hoping to make as many friends and connections within my field as possible. I also want to walk away with opportunities for work that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. 

I hope to get into the field of public relations or marketing within Australia. 

Our Master of Strategic Communication, Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication and Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication are all subsidised by the Australian Government as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), so they're now more affordable than ever.   

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