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Passionate about Aboriginal Health?

12/12/2022 |

Interested in a career in medicine and health?  See how one woman is helping to close the gap in Indigenous health and social outcomes.

The barriers faced by Kahlie Lockyer and her children became her motivation to pursue a career in medicine and develop strategies in healthcare to address discrimination and inequality.

Kahlie is an Aboriginal saltwater woman from Port Headland, belonging to the Ngarluma and Kariyarra people from the Pilbara region and the Nyulnyul and Yawuru people from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She is currently in her first year studying for a Doctor of Medicine at UWA, fuelled by her passion for helping others, especially Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

My interest in Aboriginal health began in my childhood, with my mother, a nurse, and educator, explaining health and how we need to look after ourselves first, then our family and community. As a child, I travelled with her to remote communities, helping her with first-aid training and health courses. This planted a seed for me to help my people"

Kahlie has lived through barriers that reflect the struggles of her people but has never let them define her potential to become a doctor. She continues to make changes to impact the world, her community, and the next generation. 

Once I've completed my Doctor of Medicine, I would love to work with Aboriginal children and their families and communities. Having a familiar face will make them feel more welcome. Using my experience and knowledge of the barriers my children and I faced and how we overcame this may help develop strategies and programmes to reduce discrimination and address inequity"

She reveals her aim to embed “a holistic approach to underpinning social health determinants to provide access and equity and empower health literacy in children and families.”

We must continue to fight for equity for our people. We must continue to make changes that help close the health, education, and social structures gap for our people".

Interested in following in Kahlee’s footsteps? See where a Doctor of Medicine could take you or find out more about Indigenous study opportunities

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