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Want to do Commerce or Business? Choose these ATAR subjects...

02/02/2021 |

Year 10 is the time to decide if you want to do ATAR. And if you do, you need to choose which subjects to study in Year 11 and 12 to get into your dream course at uni.

If you’re planning to apply to a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business at UWA, here’s our guide to choosing your ATAR subjects.

1. What you need: minimum entry requirements

All advice offered below is for students completing their ATAR in Western Australia. For those joining us from interstate or internationally, check out your specific English language requirements.

Bachelor of Commerce

To study the UWA Bachelor of Commerce and any of the majors within it, you’ll need to have achieved:

  • a scaled mark of 50 or above in English ATAR, Literature ATAR or English as an Additional Language or Dialect ATAR.
  • Mathematics Method ATAR as a subject prerequisite for all Commerce majors (except Business Law and Economic). We recommend students consider taking Mathematics Applications ATAR or Mathematics Methods ATAR.
  • a minimum ATAR of 80.00 or equivalent.

Bachelor of Business

To study the UWA Bachelor of Business and any of the majors within it, you’ll need to have achieved:

  • a scaled mark of 50 or above in English ATAR, Literature ATAR or English as an Additional Language or Dialect ATAR.
  • a minimum ATAR of 75.00 or equivalent.

2. What you might like: other ATAR subjects you may want to take

Aside from the minimum entry requirements listed above, there are some suggested ATAR subjects you might want to consider taking, based on what you’re keen to study in Commerce or Business. Remember, these aren’t prerequisites, they’re just recommendations.

Bachelor of Commerce

If you want to...

Consider taking... 

 …do Accounting or Finance
(You like numbers)

 …Accounting and Finance, Business Management and Enterprise, Economics, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese

 …do Business Law
(You like rules)

 …Politics and Law, Business Management and Enterprise, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese

 …do Economics
(You enjoy patterns and global movements)

 …Economics, Business Management and Enterprise, Accounting and Finance, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese

 …do Human Resource Management
(You're empathetic and caring about people's welfare)

 …Business Management and Enterprise, Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, as well as Children, Family and the Community

 …do Management
(You're great with people)

 …Business Management and Enterprise, Psychology, Accounting and Finance, Philosophy and Ethics

 …do Marketing
(You like social media and big brands)

 …Media Production and Analysis, Design, Literature, Psychology, languages

Bachelor of Business

If you want to...

 Consider taking...

 …do Business Management
(You want to be a leader)

 …Business Management and Enterprise, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Psychology

 …do Enterprise and Innovation
(You're creative and ideas-driven)

 …Business Management and Enterprise, Psychology

 …do Global Business
(You love travelling)

 …Business Management and Enterprise, languages, Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies


A final word: stick to what you enjoy

ATAR is challenging enough without the added burden of forcing yourself into a shape you don’t fit. Studies show that you’re more likely to excel if you choose to study what you enjoy, so why not give yourself the best chance and have fun doing it.

Choose the subjects that spark your wonder, give you those precious a-ha moments, and keep your creative juices flowing.

The information in this publication is current as at February 2021 and is subject to change. You can find updated information on our website at

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