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Sports journalism and other destinations a degree in Commerce or Business could take you

12/08/2020 |

Studying a Business or Commerce degree opens up a whole raft of career options. At UWA, you can take one or two majors from within the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business, or choose to study in another area but add a second major from commerce or business. 

For instance, if you wanted to get into the finance world, you could enrol in a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Or, if you’re considering launching an international start-up, you could do a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Enterprise and Innovation, and Global Business.

Alternatively, if you want to study law with a business slant, you could look at a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Business Law. If social media marketing is more your thing, you could choose a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and take a second major in Communication and Media Studies.

To give you a snapshot of where our Commerce and Business majors could take you, check out some of our recent graduates’ stories below.

From tax management to sports journalism

Ben Mallis
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting

Ben Mallis

“Since finishing my Bachelor of Commerce in 2011, I have worked as a corporate tax manager, gained my Chartered Accountants qualification, managed a local charity called On My Feet and, recently, explored the world of sports media and journalism. One could say I am in the midst of a significant career change. 

In September 2018, I relocated to Philadelphia to spend 12 months working as a sports journalist, covering NBA basketball. This has long been a passion project of mine and I am now able to call it a career. 

Across my ever-changing journey, UWA has provided a platform that has assisted in achieving my goals.”


Designing a dream life

Tonje Holm
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management
Master of Marketing

Tonje Holm

“In 2017, after working two years at Meerkats in Perth, my partner and I moved to London in search of a new challenge and adventure. I was hired by a design agency called NB Studio; a small, but mighty agency, where I quickly climbed the ranks and was working on global, highly sought-after accounts. During my time at NB Studio, we won numerous industry awards and were ranked in the top three agencies in London at the Brand Impact Awards. 

I am very proud of how quickly my career progressed in London. In the space of 12 months, I went from Account Manager (which was already a step up in responsibility for me) to Senior Account Manager. For someone relatively junior and inexperienced, my role came with a huge amount of responsibility and people management. 

Currently, my partner and I are living in Africa in a French-speaking country where I plan to become an English teacher (starting in September as they follow the French school year) and work with the local community in whatever capacity I can to make a useful contribution. It’s been a massive change of pace and lifestyle, and even more so now with the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

So far, we are enjoying this new adventure we’re on.”

Helping organisations find outstanding talent

Daryl Lim
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in HR Management

Daryl Lim

Daryl Lim is a managing consultant for Hudson in the Application Development and Testing space.

He helps clients tackle their talent challenges to deliver successful software projects, and has 13 years of commercial experience, including eight years spent in market research.

“Since graduating from UWA, I have been privileged enough to explore careers in the world of agencies across data collection, market research and recruitment. In the world of agencies, you are often asked to complete tasks. For instance, find us a developer or launch this survey. However, having studied at UWA, where we were taught a balance of theoretical and a holistic view of how businesses and economies operate, I’ve been able to add significant value to my clients’ understanding the why.”



Co-founder of a successful start-up

Jasmin Ward
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance

Jasmin Ward

Jasmin is a co-founder of Cribber, a start-up that’s digitising worksite communication and has worked with global companies such as Woodside, Maersk and Subsea 7. She has a passion for innovation and technology, and has been heavily involved in the start-up ecosystem in Perth and now London.

“Since graduating I’ve worked at a few different companies, including PwC and most recently Navitas, where I was fortunate enough to work in their venture capital team, focusing on investing in education start-ups which is a passion of mine. My most recent pursuit is a start-up that I’ve co-founded to digitise communication with remote worksites.

What I truly love about my career are opportunities to overcome challenges and learn. Some of the most interesting moments were at PwC, relatively early in my career, where I was put in front of CEOs and CFOs to advise them on their business risks. These sink or swim moments were highlights as they allowed me to stretch and learn fast.

More recently, I spent some time in Silicon Valley where I was able to meet and learn from some amazing people who had inspired me for years.”









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