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A day in the life of a Marketing student - Prabh

31/08/2020 |

Hi, my name’s Prabhtej, but you can call me Prabh for short.

I’m in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Communication and Media Studies. I chose to study Marketing because as I’ve grown older I’ve become more interested in business, as well as the meaning behind things.

Why are certain marketing materials presented in the way they are? How did they get from the planning stage to the execution of that piece of marketing? What is their target audience? How do they know which places to advertise? How do they yield the biggest return on investment? This curiosity is the reason I chose to study Marketing at UWA.

Furthermore, I’ve seen companies have very good products but fail to communicate their greatness to their customers, as well as the complete opposite where horrible products are able to dominate the market. Marketing has helped me figure out and answer why these things happen.

My favourite part of being a Marketing student has to be the different people I meet from all walks of life. To be successful in marketing you need to understand people and how to communicate to them where they are (in both the physical and digital space). UWA hosts a large variety of domestic and international students, which has allowed me to learn more about a vast range of cultures and people. Plus, everyone is super-easy to get along with in and around classes; it’s been an absolute pleasure so far, and sadly I know I’ll miss that lively atmosphere when I graduate.


UWA student Prabhtej Sanghera

To be completely honest, I am NOT a morning person... At least until I’ve had my coffee.

Before COVID-19 my typical morning would consist of making myself a light breakfast, having a shower and getting dressed before driving down beautiful Mounts Bay Road to head to class.

If I don’t have a class, I do a bit of studying at either Reid Library, Barry J Marshall Library, or the Business School – it really just depends where my next class is closest to.

However, on my days where I don’t need to drive into uni, I’ll ease into my morning by watching some YouTube, TikTok, messaging friends and browsing social media before tackling the day.

As classes are either pre-recorded, or over Zoom in these COVID-19 times, the rush to get out of the house and drive to campus has been lightened, so I’m able to enjoy more of my mornings or have that extra time reading over notes and course material before a tutorial.



I love food, so lunch and dinner are my favourite times of the day! It's always great to grab a meal with a friend, and UWA has so many choices I always try to mix it up and have something different every time, even if that means heading over to Broadway shopping centre.

I’m also a part of UWA’s UniMentor program, so I try to schedule my classes around lunch in the off-chance I need to meet with one of my mentees to help them out with any questions they might have.


I try to schedule my classes more towards the afternoon where possible, but also use this time to work on assignments, meet up with group members, or just go back over course material that I sometimes feel unsure about. 

During COVID-19, it’s become increasingly important to take care of my physical and mental health. It’s so refreshing to just step away from the screens and get some fresh air, or meet a friend for a chat. I’ve made a continuous effort to keep myself physically active by working out at least three times a week; the workouts don't need to be intense but just showing up and getting the blood flowing helps to manage uni stress.

After dark

After a busy day, I like to wind down by getting back on social media, messaging some friends or watching some more videos. I find it very important to completely disconnect from uni and pay some attention to my life. Sometimes I get so caught up with uni stress it's hard to separate from it all, so properly winding down and getting a good night's sleep really helps.


Prabh Sanghera in front of Beverly Hills sign

When I’m not focused on my University life, my attention is spent on time with family, friends, going out for drinks and attending music festivals. I also run a small business through my YouTube and TikTok channels, which I am fortunate enough to be rather successful at, and which is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue both my majors.

I love to create content and seeing how it does out in the wild with viewers, interacting with comments and working with brands to create sponsored posts. Because of this content creation and social media background, I have built up a skill set that sometimes allows me the opportunity to do freelance video editing for other YouTubers and their channels from time to time.

When I graduate I hope to work in social media or video production when I am able to be challenged and creative on a vast variety of projects!

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