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5 reasons why you don't want to miss out on applying for a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

10/08/2022 |

You know when they say “if you’re looking for a sign, then this is it” - well this is your sign to apply for a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship. Receiving a leadership scholarship is your opportunity to receive financial support while undertaking your postgraduate studies. We’ve asked our scholarship recipients why they would recommend applying. Check out their top 5 reasons to apply and then make sure you start working on your application. Like right now.

1. Meet amazing people in your cohort and build your network

As a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar, you’ll also become a part of the Westpac 100 Scholars Network. Lifelong membership to this network gives you access to one of Australia’s most diverse meetings of bright minds. Drawing on this network’s strong sense of purpose and desire to collaborate, it’s inspiring, influential and provides a lifelong learning experience.

Being a Westpac Scholar means that I am connected to an incredible and growing network of ambitious, passionate and innovative change-makers. The opportunity to reach out for support or to discuss a new idea is met with meaningful assistance and encouragement. The other Westpac Scholars want to see you succeed and will be in your corner the whole way through your academic journey - Cam Thorn, 2019 Scholar

2. Develop your leadership skills and learn from others through the Leadership program

The scholarship supports postgraduate students who will make a difference to Australia in one of four areas; technology and innovation, fostering Australian-Asian ties, reducing Australia's environmental impact or creating a more inclusive country. As well as financial support, the scholarship provides a nine-month Leadership Development Program to build on your personal strengths and give you the insights, learning and inspiration you need to make your mark on the world. 

Through this process I’ve learned a lot about what I can bring to leadership and even more so what learnings I can take from other people around me. And that’s the benefit of meeting other scholars, I can really get a depth of understanding of what it really means to be a leader and be an expert in my field.” - Kelly MacKinnon, 2021 Scholar


3. Receive up to $120,000 over three years

This transformative level of financial support can give you the freedom to follow your passions. The scholarship amount can go towards supporting study, research, global experience and access to the Leadership Development Program. 

4. You can become a part of a new generation of leaders ready to create a better future – and it’s not just for the super smart

If you think you’re not eligible or capable to apply, then think again! Westpac are on the hunt for candidates from diverse backgrounds who have a hunger to make a lasting difference to Australia’s future. All you need to have is a bold vision to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Australia and showcase how your postgraduate study will help make it real.

5. You won’t just get experience here in our backyard - you can take the opportunity to go global

You’ll be encouraged to open your mind to new experiences by heading overseas for up to six months to study. Whether it be at a university, or with a non-government or private organisation, you’re guaranteed to make valuable international connections and discover new insights to bring your vision to life. 

What does it take to be a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar?

First, you’ll have exceptional ideas. Second, you’ll have the ambition and drive to bring those ideas to life. And above all else, you’ll have a generosity of spirit. Ultimately it’s this that fuels your desire to do great work. Westpac are offering 17 scholarships to support your Masters or PhD studies, and they’re looking for switched-on, curious thinkers who have the inspiration, drive and ideas to change Australia – and potentially the world – for the better.

Ready to play your role in shaping the future of Australia? Start here. Apply now for the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship. Applications are now open and close 6 September 2023.

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