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Tomy Hwang talks on his professional journey and the value of volunteering

Tomy Hwang is a husband, immigrant, leader-in-development and a curious problem solver.

Tomys family immigrated to Australia in the 80’s, and instilled within him the value of learning, and working hard.

Translating into his Uni life, he studiously completed his Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry and graduated from UWA with First Class Honours. 

He later returned to UWA and completed a Masters in Business Administration, after being awarded the BHP Billiton MBA Accredited Scholarship, and Charles Harper Prize.

“UWA gave me a chance (many in fact). The university cultivated an environment for me to learn, connect, contribute and feel that I could contribute to a bigger purpose through ‘seeking wisdom’.”

Combining the two areas of expertise from his undergrad and MBA, Tomy moved from his role as Neurophysiology Technologist into the health care consulting after a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

“I am currently a Strategy and Transformation consultant to clients within the Defence and Healthcare sector. I got here by a chance encounter while studying my MBA asking if I was interested in an ‘exciting career in consulting’. This has led me across the country to Canberra.”

In his consulting role, he helps the Australian Government to realise better health outcomes by providing advice on strategy, planning, organisational and operating model design to enable effective delivery of health policy, programs, services and outcomes.

While in Canberra, Tomy started volunteering with the UWA Graduates Association ACT, which hosts monthly events and communications with the 600+ alumni who reside in the Australian Capital Territory.

While it might seem like a daunting role, Tomy is no stranger to the demands of volunteering.

“I was an active participant in my university days as a former Science Union President where I knew my contributions and representation in the Guild helped shape the student experience and career trajectory. Later I was involved in the establishment of the MBA Student Club and Case Club which continue to exist even though I finished my studies eight years ago.  “

“I am very fortunate that I’ve had a lot of people who have volunteered their experiences and time as a mentor and coach. The small act of volunteering can make a difference to someone and I hope that in volunteering my time and experience for others that I can also help someone else.  “

Now the President of the Graduates Association ACT, Tomy hopes to bridge the gap between past alumni and fresh-faced graduates.

“My intent as the President is to find ways that we can connect old and new UWA community experiences, cultivate an environment to foster learning so that we can continue to ‘seek wisdom’, and look for a means to develop a self-sustaining UWA Canberran community.”

When asked about the value of the UWA community outside of Perth, Tomy is quick to give credit.

“I think it’s important to recognise the great foundation laid by the existing Canberra Alumni Network which has generated significant value for the UWA community for many years before me. They openly welcomed me when I moved to Canberra when I was apparently mis-pronouncing ‘Manuka’.  I’ve been fortunate to be trusted as the next custodian of this important community living and working within Canberra.”

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