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How UWA got me career-ready

22/06/2021 |

We spoke to UWA grad Nirajit Syamal, now working as an Industry Process Consultant at Dassault Systèmes, about his career journey to date, and how UWA helped him get there.

It all started with my degree.              Nirajit Syamal

Nirajit began his studies at UWA in 2013, studying Engineering and Communication and Media Studies, specialising in Mechanical Engineering. He credits the breadth of his studies to his success, giving him the practical, technical and communication skills to flourish in the workplace.

His degree also provided several opportunities to make connections in the engineering industry, both through the mentorship of his teachers, like industry leader and UWA professor Brian Haggerty, as well as through internships at Hanssen and 7Q Industries.

One of the most important connections Nirajit made in his time at UWA was with Dassault Systèmes — where he is now employed. Dassault “provides business with virtual universes, fostering social innovation, and expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world.”

Nirajit was first connected with Dassault in 2018, completing their Graduate Program 3DS Hackathon, hosted on campus at UWA.

Dassault have run several competitions and challenges for students to engage on real-world projects using their software, from designing humanoid robots, electric submarines and solar race cars, to drones and even space shuttles.

After the Hackathon, Dassault offered him the role of Graduate Solution Consultant. Then, after a year of hard work, Nirajit was offered a full-time job with Dassault as Industry Process Consultant.

Understanding what I wanted to do with my career and what impact I wanted to create in our world was all possible through my UWA experience.  Nirajit Syamal

Learn more about Dassault here:

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