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Your starting block for career success

13/05/2020 |

Uni is an important stepping stone between school and career, a place to gain the skills for a global workplace, where standing out is the key to success.

At UWA, our internationally recognised course structure is designed to help you develop all the tools you’ll need to thrive in your future career. Whether you’re still tossing up a few options, or if you know what area you want to get into in 10 years’ time , you can be sure that a UWA degree will prepare you to hit the ground running once you graduate.

Our undergraduate degrees are designed with input from industry professionals. This means you’ll get all the latest insights from the field, and develop the skills that employers have told us they’re looking for.

Our courses also provide an answer to the age-old problem – that it’s hard to get work without experience…but impossible to get experience without work. More than two-thirds of our majors offer placements from which students can gain practical contact with industry, and UWA has fostered more than 4,500 connections with industry such as EY and the Hawaiian Group, opening doors for our graduates to leave university with employment networks already established.

What’s more, our course model allows you to take one or two majors, meaning you’ll get the same level of qualification as a double degree, but in three years rather than four. You’ll have the option to pair complementary subjects, as well as completing broadening units and electives. You can broaden your horizons and study something completely different to your major, or boost your knowledge and delve deeper into your chosen speciality. Whatever you decide, the experiences and expertise you’ll gain will ensure you have a competitive edge when it comes to the workplace.
Bachelor of Commerce student Matthew Kolomyjec is studying Finance and Computer Science; and while each offers a separate career path, combined they increase his career options still further. Matthew’s broad skill set, gained through his tailored degree, has already secured him a one-on-one meeting with Google to discuss graduate recruitment.

A degree from UWA is more than just an education. It’s the chance to get hands on, hone your skills, and have the peace of mind that you’ll enter the workforce with the best possible chance of success.

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