Policy & Economics

Challenging Existing Frameworks for Price Indexation in Australian Human Services Procurement: Achieving Sustainability, 2023

Queensland’s Community Services Funding Indexation An Estimate for the 2023-2024 Budget Year

Queensland’s Cost Indexation for Government Purchasing of Human Services, 2023

Western Australia's 2022 Sustainable Funding Survey Report. A report for the Western Australia Council for Social Services, 2023


Tasmania's Cost Indexation for Government Purchasing of Community Services, 2022


Tasmania's Community Services Industry: Sustainability and Market Failure Risk, 2022


The Challenge of Sustainability: Queensland's Not-for-profit sector and the Impact of Growing Financial Pressures. A Report for the Queensland Council of Social Service, 2022


Value of Queensland's Not-for-profit Sector: Its sustainability and economic contribution. A report for the Queensland Council of Social Services, 2021


Human Services Data Assets Project: An Initial Review of the 2018 ACNC Dataset & Other Data Sources. 2020 


Understanding the Economic Value of the Charitable Human Services Sector in Western Australia: An Initial Review of the 2018 ACNC Dataset & Other Data Sources.


Value of the Not-for-profit Sector 2020: The Second Examination of the Economic Contribution of the Not-for-profit Human Services Sector in the Northern Territory. A Report for the Northern Territory Council of Social Service, Darwin, Australia. August 2020


WA’s Not-for-profit Landscape 2020: The Second Report on WA Charities. October 2020

NDIS & Disability Services


Six Years and Counting – NDIS White Paper


Six Years and Counting: The NDIS and the Australian Disability Service System. A White Paper 2019.


Six Years and Counting – NDIS Green Paper


NDIS Green Paper 1: Data Assets, Efficiency and the NDIS. 2020


NDIS Green Paper 2: Deliberations on the NDIS Housing Market and Accommodation Provisions. 2020


NDIS Green Paper 3: Proxies for Risk – A First Line of Defence. 2020


NDIS Green Paper 4: Demand, Supply & the NDIS—A Matter of Words? 2021


NDIS Green Paper 5: NDIS Industry Literature Summary. A Review of the Collection of Industry, Government and Academic Reports. 2021


NDIS Green Paper 6: Cost Differentials, Cost Pressures & Labour Competition Impacting Western Australian Disability Service Delivery


NDIS Parliamentary & Government Submissions


Developing a new NDIS Agreement between Western Australia and the Commonwealth: Submission to the WA Government. 2022


Submission to consultation on NDIS Thin Markets. ARC Linkage Team. 2019


NDIS National Roll Out: Overview of Major Issues. 2018


NDIS Issues Overview Adapting to Build and Utilise What Works. 2018


NDIS Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions

Research Report: Market Design and Evolution for Better Outcomes. Findings from Investigation of Mergers of Disability Service Providers. July 2018


NDIS Accounting, Finance & Markets


Australia’s Disability Services Sector 2019 The National Performance Benchmark Project – Report 3: Summary of Key Findings May 2019.


NDS Disability Services Market Report 2018: The business confidence and financial sustainability of the disability service sector. 2018


Australia’s Disability Services Sector 2018 The National Performance Benchmark Project – Report 3: Summary of Key Findings December 2018


Disability Services Market Report 2018. A Report for National Disability Services, Canberra.


NDIS Policy Reports


Market Capacity Framework: An Approach for Identifying Thin Markets in the NDIS. A report developed by the Centre for Social Impact, Sydney. 2019


Working Papers

The 2021 NDIS Pricing Review: Western Australian Costs Assessment Drivers of Cost Increases

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