Economics and Business History Research Network

Economic Business History Research Network UWA

This network serves as a focal point for broad-reaching research in economic and business history, fostering collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Its core mission involves exploring historical phenomena to inform contemporary and future policies and practices. The emphasis lies in leveraging insights from the past to guide present decision-making. 

Economic and business history, beyond its academic significance, is a crucial informant for education, policy formulation, and strategic planning. It encapsulates lessons from successes and failures, shaping effective policies and business development. Recognising that wealth creation is just one facet of progress, the Network underscores the importance of equity and fairness in economic policies, advocating for a comprehensive understanding that transcends simplistic notions of growth and entrepreneurship. 

Scholars and Related Research Entities

University of Western Australia Scholars
National and International Scholars




Blue Book Digitisation Project

National Archives UK (1834-1836)

Swan River Colony 


SROWA (1837-1869)


Capital Formation in British Settler Colonies Project
Insert Description of Capital Formation in British Settler Colonies Project
Exploring Western Australian Economic History via the Synthetic Control Method Project
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WA Economic History Data Project
Insert description of WA Economic History Data Project

PhD Opportunities

Academics associated with the research network are available for supervising topics related to economic and business history, as well as its relevant intercepts.


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