Muslims in Australia

We study the history of Muslim presence in Australia, their beliefs, practices, and interactions with the wider community.

We focus on how the Muslim sense of exclusion and inclusion is shaped by local and global narratives and how it contributes to radicalisation, counter-radicalisation and de-radicalisation.

The issue of Muslim inclusion and exclusion has underpinned debates on how to address problems of militancy emerging in western liberal societies. We want to go beyond the narrow debate to explore factors that create the need and manifestation of exclusion and/or inclusion among majority and minority communities.


Children and Islamophobia

We explore the impact of Islamophobia on children in Australia. Through collaboration between CMSS, Charles Stuart University and Western Sydney University we conduct qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with mothers on the incidence of Islamophobia and its impact on their children around Australia.

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Bux Family Research

This project explores the contribution made by Muslims from British India with a focus on the first known Muslim migrant to Perth in the 19th century. It traces history of migrants from the subcontinent and their descendants both in Australia and Pakistan. Supported by the Bux family and their friends in Perth, we use archival data and interviews to build a picture of generations of Muslims of this family making their mark in Australia and globally.

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Top photo details: Paper cutting art by Tusif Ahmad.