Islam in the Indian Ocean Rim

We conduct research of beliefs and practices of Muslims in the Indian Ocean Rim, and their interactions with geopolitical, economic, and cultural trends in a globalised world.

Islamisation trajectories

We investigate the emergence of diverse narratives of being Muslim and the factors shaping these narratives. Our researchers include Dr Bob Olivier (Islamisation in Malaysia), Dr Azim Zahir (Islamisation in the Maldives) and Ridwan (Islamisation in Indonesia).


Islam and geopolitics

We explore the role of religion in shaping foreign policies of Muslim majority states in the region. Researchers include Amjed al-Masaoodi (Iraq-China relations), Dr Ke Zhu (China-Pakistan relations), and Ismail Khan (Pakistan).


Muslim women: identity and agency

We examine the changing status and activism of Muslim women in the region and the underpinning factors. Researchers include Flavia Zimmermann, Professor Samina Yasmeen (migrant Muslim women), and Dr Renae Barker.


Marriage Migrant women in Asia

The CMSS collaborates with NCKU, Tainan (Taiwan), through the World Universities Network (WUN) to conduct research on marriage migrant women in Asia. We contribute research on Muslim women as part of this project in conferences, workshops and through publications.
For example, we conducted focus group discussions with Muslim women of Pakistani background in Australia to assess their views on the impact of Islamophobia on their lives and those of their families, including children. The paper has been included in an edited volume published in April 2019. Future research will focus on comparative analysis of the experiences of female Muslim marriage migrants from other Indian Ocean Rim countries.