Callaway Centre Research Seminar

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  • Tunley Lecture Theatre

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  • Tuesday 11 August 2020 | 5pm

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  • On Campus


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  • Anyone who likes music
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Callaway Centre Research Seminar Series

The Conservatorium of Music is a vibrant centre for research in music and music education, where a thriving community of scholars is engaged in exploring the frontiers of knowledge, working on a wide range of research projects with diverse outputs.

Our free weekly seminar series showcases presenters from within UWA and from the wider community.

Sarah Costello - The Role of Music in Complex Television: Narrative and Genre in HBO’s Westworld 

Abstract: This presentation will examine the soundtrack of HBOs television series Westworld as a case study of complex television. Western, Science Fiction and Horror generic tropes are analysed in terms of their contribution to narrative themes of agency, cultural othering, technological surveillance and the representation of violence and trauma. These themes will be connected to their broader function as a social critique of postcolonial U.S. culture, ideologically challenging the use of technology and pervasive racism within the series’ primary audience through the show’s narrative.

Bio: Sarah is a PhD musicology student in her first year of candidature at the University of Western Australia.

Erin Royer - Inner Reflections: A study of over-sized saxophone pad resonators, its measured effects on timbre, resonance and the experience of the player.

Pad resonators play an important role in the functionality of saxophones. When the keys are closed over the tone holes, resonators act as a reflective surface within the saxophone, allowing sound waves to travel down the instrument with minimal loss of energy. Resonators can be made in different sizes and of many varying materials but there has been limited academic research considering their acoustical effect on the saxophone. Using spectral analysis software, this research will compare the harmonic spectra of standard and over-sized resonators. The aim is to determine how the pad resonators affect the saxophone’s tonal quality, ease of expression, resonance and functionality. In-depth attention will be given to the musicians who will be play testing the instruments and their perceived conclusions on the resonator’s effect. This research will continue to develop knowledge about saxophone resonators allowing musicians to make better choices in their pursuit of a personalised sound that can resultantly enhance their standing as professional musicians.

Erin Royer is a Yamaha endorsed saxophonist and repair technician from Perth, Western Australia, she is the Head of Saxophone at the University of Western Australia and tutors at several local Perth Schools. Having performed at five international saxophone conventions and many concerts around the globe, Royer is a highly respected international saxophonist who regularly performs with the Malaysian Philharmonic, Western Australian Symphony and Perth Symphony Orchestras.

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