Callaway Centre Research Seminar | John Pax

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  • Tuesday 10 March 2020 | 5pm

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  • On Campus


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Callaway Centre Research Seminar Series

The Conservatorium of Music is a vibrant centre for research in music and music education, where a thriving community of scholars is engaged in exploring the frontiers of knowledge, working on a wide range of research projects with diverse outputs.

Our free weekly seminar series showcases presenters from within UWA and from the wider community.

Composition as Musical Thinking

This research presentation will center around the deconstruction of a 2017 piece for String Trio and Live Electronics. The trio – Save Only the Expectation – underscores the the philosophy of two works by Johannes Ochegkehm and Paul Celan, uncovering an area of thought between the two. Indicative of my doctoral research as a whole, this brief examination will further serve to introduce central concerns of my compositional thinking.

Bio – John Pax (b. 1992) is a doctoral candidate in music composition at Harvard University with Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku. Previously he’s studied at the Universities of Melbourne (Elliott Gyger, Brenton Broadstock) and Western Australia (Chris Tonkin, James Ledger). His music has been performed in Australia, the United States, south-east Asia, and Europe. He currently lives in the city of Kalamunda, Western Australia.w.

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