Electives | Percussion, Jazz, Showcase

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  • Callaway Auditorium, UWA Conservatorium of Music
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Date and time

  • Percussion: 17 May 2021, 7.30pm
    Percussion: 18 May 2021, 7.30pm
    Jazz: 19 May 2021, 7.30pm
    Showcase: 21 May 2021, 7.30pm


  • Anyone who likes music

Event Fee

  • $5


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The UWA Conservatorium of Music's vision is to enrich all lives with music. Through UWA's broadening units, all undergraduate student have the opportunity to engage in practical music making as part of their degrees resulting in vibrant ensemble performances with students who are often learning an instrument for the first time.

Fee: $5
Location: Callaway Music Auditorium, UWA
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