Breaksea and UWA present Caretaker

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  • Saturday 24 August, 2024


  • Community
  • Studying at UWA

Breaksea is a non-profit, multi-arts organisation working across Western Australia championing regional artists. They engage communities and emerging artists to work alongside world class singers, performers, composers, filmmakers, dancers and visual artists in celebration of creative expression and community cohesion.

The Con is delighted to continue its partnership with Breaksea in 2024 through performance opportunities for our emerging artists and to support Breaksea giving voice to the rich and diverse stories of Western Australia.


A transformative play with musical interludes in collaboration with UWA Conservatorium of Music.

With the dawn comes the warmth of sunlight, the coming of the wind and with it comes the Caretaker. Following people of all kinds, she collects the lost selves that people discard, simply forget or unknowingly lose. No self is ever truly lost, it just comes to her for a time. She guards the self, keeping it safe in the pockets of her magical cloak. You cannot recognise her in a crowd and you will not know what she looks like until you see your lost self cradled in her hand. 

Following the true Great Southern stories of family, connection and purpose, Caretaker will take you on a journey of self discovery, understanding and hope for the future.

 After its successful premiere in the Albany Entertainment Centre in 2021, Caretaker returns to the stage in collaboration with UWA Music.

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