Social Work and Social Policy

Making a difference to the lives of others

Social workers are committed to social justice and human rights. Working with individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities, they create positive outcomes with marginalised or disenfranchised members of society.

Social workers also seek to promote change at community and policy levels. It is a challenging but rewarding profession, which attracts dedicated and inspiring professionals who desire to make a difference to the lives of others.

Social Work and Social Policy is part of UWA’s School of Allied Health, a leading research, teaching and service organisation whose work influences policies and practices for community health and wellbeing.

We have adopted a contemporary flexible approach to education. As a postgraduate student with us, you will find teaching groups that allow interactive teaching methods, and highly qualified, award-winning staff who are passionate about teaching and learning.

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Master of Social Work degree accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers

Highly qualified, award-winning staff who are passionate about teaching and learning

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Social work is in the top 10 fastest growing areas of employment


Our Purpose

The Discipline of Social Work and Social Policy seeks to influence policies, organisations and practice to promote social justice and decrease social exclusion through the generation and communication of knowledge.

Our division aims to achieve this by:

  • Delivering contemporary social work education at qualifying and post-qualifying levels
  • The supervision of research degree students in emerging areas of research importance
  • Conducting research funded by competitive grants and consultancies
  • Publication in academic journals and relevant professional publications and public media
  • Membership of relevant advisory, policy and management committees
  • Provision of advice and consultancy to governments
  • Presentation of research findings and knowledge translation to key groups of stakeholders
  • Maintaining active networks with key stakeholders in industry and other researchers nationally and internationally
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