2022 UWA School of Agriculture and Environment Seminar Series - Agricultural and Resource Economics (AARES)

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  • Online or Face to Face at Simmonds LT (GPB3 Bldg)
  • MS Teams

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  • Held every Friday between 11 am - 12 noon

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  • Alumni
  • Business/Industry
  • Current students
  • Future students
  • Graduates or near graduates
  • Postgraduate
  • Postgraduate research
  • Public
  • Research
  • Staff
  • Studying at UWA

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  • Free


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About this Event

Agricultural and Resource Economics (AARES) Seminar Series investigates how the environment, natural resources and agricultural lands are managed. Agricultural activities have positive and negative impacts on the environment and our research studies how decisions, plans and policies can deliver the best outcome for the community.

Our research is focused on five key areas:


Agricultural economics and policies

We study the interactions between farming and the environment. Our research covers climate change impacts on agriculture, land degradation, carbon storage on farms, perennial farming systems, salinity management and more.

Economics of non-renewable resources and energy

We study how we can best use or conserve natural resources for maximum benefits. Our research covers mining and minerals, energy, land and more.

Environmental economics and natural resource management

We study how the environment can be managed to provide the greatest net benefits. Our research covers terrestrial and marine biodiversity conservation, pollution, bio-economic modelling of invasive pests, bushfire management, adoption of new conservation practices by landholders and more.

Food systems and agribusiness

We study how the organisation and governance of food systems can be improved. Our research covers efficiency and productivity analysis, farm risk management, wine economics, adoption of new farming technologies, agribusiness and more.

Water economics and policy

Our research covers the economics of public water supply, economic incentives and instruments for water management, economic modelling tools to assist with urban water management, and how non-market benefits can be incorporated into project evaluation.


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