Global study opportunities

Discover the exciting places you can study overseas as a UWA law student.

International partnerships 

The UWA Law School is involved in a number of international partnerships which give students the opportunity to study at the overseas host institutions and obtain a unique study and life experience.

Sturm College of Law, University of Denver

In the 2 + 2-year double degree Juris Doctor program with Sturm College of Law, University of Denver (Colorado, UWA), UWA and UD students have the opportunity to do two years in their own institution and then two years in the host institution. Students will obtain a Juris Doctor from each institution and be qualified to apply for practice in both WA and the USA.


University of Oxford

With the Oxford ‘add on’, Juris Doctors are able to apply to do the highly sought-after University of Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) after completing all UWA core units in two and a half years. After three and a half years’ full-time study, successful applicants will have both a UWA Juris Doctor and an Oxford BCL.

Semester Exchange

Juris Doctor students can apply to study one semester of their three-year degree at one of UWA’s Exchange partner universities. Students can consider overseas universities that offer a Juris Doctor program or a Masters of Law (LLM) and can receive credit for four option units, the equivalent of 24 points. The exchange for Juris Doctor students is often undertaken in the second semester of the second year of studies however first semester is also possible. Criminology, Law and Society and Business Law are also able to participate in the UWA Semester Exchange Program and have some more flexibility. Master students have some limited opportunities as well. Check UWA’s Exchange partner universities for details.

Short term Study Abroad

Mishpatim Seminar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Law students can undertake the 3 week Mishpatim Seminar in January. Juris Doctor students will obtain one option unit (6 points) credit towards their degree. Criminology, Law and Society, Business Law and LLM students will need to check credit with their Student Advising Office.


Law students have the opportunity consider a range of short-term study abroad programs in a variety of locations via CISaustralia, UWA’s preferred Third Party Provider. Criminology, Law and Society, Business Law and LLM students are advised to browse the CISaustralia website. Juris Doctor students can undertake a unit in International Environmental Law at Maastricht University. While this is an undergraduate unit, Juris Doctor students can receive credit (6 points) for one option unit, if the Student Advising Office can confirm applicants have room in their degree.

To take up any of these overseas opportunities, email Associate Professor Meredith Blake