Human genetics

Understanding complex human diseases


The burden of common human diseases presents one of the greatest global health challenges in human medicine today.

These diseases include cancers, obesity and obesity-related diseases including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, asthma and respiratory disorders, schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric disorders, preeclampsia and other pregnancy disorders.

Genetics, epigenetics and the environment are all recognised as playing a major role in these diseases. In human genetics research at UWA, much effort is focused on identifying the genetic and epigenetic variations that predispose an individual to risk of these common complex diseases.

Our research involves project-orientated multidisciplinary teams of specialist clinicians, epidemiologists, statistical and molecular geneticists, and computational biologists. Working together, we collaborate widely to make discoveries that will be important for the development of new and improved diagnostic tools and risk models to better identify those individuals at greatest risk of disease. 

Our goal is ultimately to inform better health care provision for achieving improved health outcomes as part of the growing worldwide focus on genomics and precision medicine. 

For further information on human genetics, contact eric.moses@uwa.edu.au.

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Our team collaborates widely with researchers from across UWA, other universities and research institutes nationally and internationally. To get involved, contact us at gohad@uwa.edu.au.

Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease

The Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease (GOHaD) is a collaborative research centre supported by UWA, Curtin University and the Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation. It brings together researchers from these organisations who collaborate to explore genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk factors for common disease.

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Current projects

Find a selection of our current genetics research projects below. We welcome all inquiries about these or other research project ideas.

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