Safe, innovative and sustainable development in the ocean

Oceans is a multidisciplinary research cluster with expertise across ocean dynamics and forecasting, offshore geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, hydrodynamics, gas processing, and asset management.

Researchers in this discipline work closely with the Oceans Graduate School and Oceans Institute across the energy, defence and agriculture industries.

Research opportunities are available for prospective students in this cluster. You can learn more by emailing the Pre-candidature team at the Graduate Research School.

The group seeks solutions in the following areas:

  • Safe and sustainable design of ocean systems and facilities, such as coastal defence, fixed and floating structures for oil and gas and renewable energy, pipeline and seabed infrastructure.
  • Ocean observation, forecasting, operational and environmental management.
  • Design and management of facilities associated with expanding offshore industries, including defence and offshore aquaculture.

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UWA is ranked first in Australia (12 globally) in the subject area of Marine/Ocean Engineering (2018 AWRU)

UWA is ranked 3rd in Australia (24 globally) in the subject area of Oceanography (2018 AWRU)

Current projects

Current projects of the research cluster include the following:

  • Boundary currents around Australia
  • Coastal ocean observations and modelling
  • Design guideline for suction caissons supporting offshore wind turbines
  • Dynamics of coral associations in changing environments
  • Floating facility data analytics for condition/longevity monitoring
  • Metocean hazards from solutions
  • Novel anchors and subsea foundation systems
  • Predicting extreme water levels around Australia

    Research opportunities are available for students. If you would like to submit an expression of interest for a research opportunity, fill out our form or email us with any questions.

Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems


COFS carries out fundamental research at an internationally recognised standard of excellence in the areas of the mechanics of seabed sediments, offshore geohazards and of offshore foundation and engineering systems.

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