Advanced Sensing and Quantum Technologies

Delivering innovative sensor and monitoring systems for remote operations


The ability to sense is fundamental to engineering operations, scientific exploration and society wellbeing. Modern intelligent systems often integrate a range of sensors, distributed over a wide area, to enable control of operational tasks. As such, there is a great need for innovative sensing techniques as well as innovative application of sensors.

The Advanced Sensing Technology group’s goal is to enable the next generation of sensing technologies needed to solve remote operational challenges, with a focus on agriculture, environment, infrastructure and asset health monitoring, mining resource exploration, offshore drilling, and airborne remote sensing.

Research opportunities are available for students. If you would like to submit an expression of interest for a research opportunity, fill out our form or email with any questions.


Our work is central to the worldwide microtechnology revolution. We work to develop reliable, economical sensing technologies, with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution, appropriate for the operational environment. We are also creating sensor technologies that are as thin as a human hair, can withstand strong shocks and vibrations, consume almost no power, and are capable of being deployed in harsh environments.

Some of the current projects our group is working on include:

  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Novel Sensor Materials
  • Infrared MEMS Sensors
  • Sensor Applications
  • The Science of Discovery

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