Biological psychology and cognitive neuroscience

Combining modern tools of neuroscience with psychological tools to analyse behaviour

Ever wondered how the brain processes the flood of input constantly streaming in from the environment?

What about how perception is translated into action? And how does our brain produce memories, emotions and conscious experiences?

Our research combines the modern tools of neuroscience (brain imaging, brain stimulation, and recording of brain electrical and haemodynamic activity) with subtle psychological tools to analyse behaviour. We’re interested in healthy functioning as well as the impact of neuropathology on cognition, perception, emotion and action.

Research laboratories

Biological psychology and cognitive neuroscience researchers work across the following laboratories:



Telethon Kids Institute

Staff at UWA Psychological Science collaborate extensively with the Telethon Kids Institute in research on:

  • biological and neuropsychological factors implicated in the development of disorders such as autism, ADHD, FASD and language disorders;
  • early identification and intervention for these disorders;
  • psychological and social outcomes for children with developmental disorders and their families, and;
  • the experiences of diverse youth and how this impacts on their development.

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Telethon Kids Institute

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