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Australians were offered a COVID-19 vaccine to help protect their families against coronavirus, and to build an effective COVID-19 vaccination program, researchers needed to develop knowledge around the best way to communicate with the public about new vaccines and policies. 

Coronavax used qualitative interviews and social media analysis to explore Western Australians’ concerns, motivations and information needs regarding COVID-19 vaccination. A summary of findings from the Coronavax Project was communicated with State and Commonwealth Government employees and stakeholders through a series of open discussions. These sessions aimed to shape the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, ensuring important community concerns were taken into account.

This project was a joint initiative of The University of Western Australia, home to the VaxPol Lab, and the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases, based at Telethon Kids Institute.


Our aim

The project aimed to build dialogue between the community and government to uncover the conditions necessary for high uptake of the vaccine. 

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2024 Publications

2023 Publications

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  • (2023) Walliar T., Khan B., Newstead S., Al-Assadi G., Salter S.M., Seubert L., Carlson S.J., Attwell K. “Fighting the pandemic!” Western Australian pharmacists’ perspectives on COVID-19 vaccines: A qualitative study. Vaccine.
  • (2023) Attwell K., Keays E., McKenzie L., Roberts L., Blyth C.C., Carlson S.J. Mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for children: Attitudes of West Australian parents. Australian Journal of Social Issues.
  • (2023) Carlson SJ., Attwell K., Roberts L., Hughes C., Blyth CC. 'West Australian parents’ views on vaccinating their children against COVID-19: a qualitative study'BMC Public Health
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  • (2023) Roberts L., Deml MJ., Attwell K. '‘COVID Is Coming, and I’m Bloody Scared’: How Adults with Co-Morbidities’ Threat Perceptions of COVID-19 Shape Their Vaccination Decisions'International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • (2023) Attwell K., McKenzie L., Tomkinson S., Carlson SJ., Blyth CC. 'Parents' COVID-19 vaccine intentions for children under 5 years: Brief reflections from a qualitative study'Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
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