Evaluation of 50 Lives 50 Homes

Housing Perth’s most vulnerable

The Western Australian initiative 50 Lives 50 Homes is aimed at providing long-term housing and support to 50 of the most vulnerable individuals and families sleeping rough in Perth. Researchers at UWA’s Centre for Social Impact and School of Population and Global Health are undertaking the evaluation of 50 Lives 50 Homes.

The project uses the Perth Registry Week survey (VI-SPDAT) to coordinate the prioritisation of those identified as the most vulnerable (scores of >10) for housing and support using a Housing First approach.

50 Lives 50 Homes is a cross-sectoral collaborative project between a range of Perth-based agencies, including homelessness services, housing agencies, health providers, and mental health and community services. The project’s main support comes from Ruah Community Services.

The evaluation draws on the VI-SPDAT data, administrative health data, Homeless Healthcare data and interviews with clients and those who support them.

A mixed methods approach will be undertaken for the 50 Lives 50 Homes project to measure the impact of the program on client health, housing and justice outcomes. The evaluation will measure changes in service use, and related costs, associated with program participation.

For further information on this project, visit the Centre for Social Impact.

Research team leaders


The research team leaders for this project are Associate Professor Lisa Wood and Ms Shannen Vallesi.

Our research focuses on the way in which our social and built environments impact on health, with a particular focus on mental health, homelessness, social determinants of wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

All our projects have common underlying themes relating to prevention of ill-health and health disparities, reducing barriers to health (be they social, environmental or behavioural), and bridging divides between research, policy and practice.

We are passionate about undertaking research relevant to the real world which can make a tangible difference to reducing health inequalities.

PhD opportunities


Contact Associate Professor Lisa Wood to enquire about completing a PhD related to the 50 Lives 50 Homes evaluation.

For prospective PhD students, these readings may be of interest: