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UWA Podiatric Surgery

New UWA podiatric surgery hospital to get patients back on their feet

The opening of The University of Western Australia’s Podiatric Surgery Hospital means patients needing surgery for bunions, flat feet and other lower limb conditions now have more treatment options.

The UWA Podiatric Surgery Hospital will offer subsidised treatment without a waitlist, at the only purpose-built facility for podiatric surgery training in Australia.

doctor discussing x ray

Are your feet holding you back? Step up for a free foot screening at UWA

Are you experiencing pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips or back? Not sure if your feet are “normal”? Wondering if a podiatrist can help you?

The UWA Podiatry Clinic is offering complimentary foot screening appointments from October 4 to 8 in the lead up to national Foot Health Week 2021, from October 11 to 17.

Mythbusting podiatry

Did you know podiatrists do lots more than just look at feet? They can perform minor procedures, assess and diagnose foot/ankle conditions and refer people for X-rays. They also work closely with other specialists if a problem affects your feet or lower legs. Some podiatrists further their training with extra qualifications to become a surgeon or to prescribe and dispense drugs.

If you’re having trouble with your feet, you might be tempted to self-diagnose using good old Dr Google. But unfortunately, there are many podiatry-related myths online that should be ignored. We’ve rounded up six of the best and busted them, thanks to the UWA Podiatry team.

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Short placements transformative in shaping students’ careers

Preparation is key when it comes to sending our podiatry students out on placements across Western Australia. This preparation comes from the talented podiatrist and podiatric surgeons who operate the UWA Podiatry Clinic.

With the staff’s guidance and supervision, students develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence in the Clinic. These experiences set them up for placements in other clinics, hospitals, private practice, and rural practice.

The value of the UWA Podiatry Clinic for students is apparent in articles such as this. Students who developed their skills in the Clinic where later sent on placement to Geraldton where they successfully led a free Podiatry clinic for the community.

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