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01/03/2023 | 2 mins

The University of Western Australia has a continual roll call of awards, scholarships and prizes presented to staff and students.

To recognise these achievements, an article is published on the UWA news page on the website and in UWA Forward on the first week of every month. If you know of great awards or achievements across the University please email [email protected].


Name: Giorgio Poggesi

Achievement: 2023 J G Russell Award

Dr Giorgio Poggesi is one of five recipients of the 2023 J G Russell Award from the Australian Academy of Science. For his DECRA (Australian Research Council’s Discovery Early Career Research Award) study of partial differential equations, he’s drawing on a range of techniques and tools, including calculus of variations, shape optimisation, nonlinear analysis and geometric analysis. He plans to put the top-up funds towards flights and accommodation for two international scientific visits, strengthening existing relationships and forging new ones.

“I’m very proud to receive this award and grateful to Miss Russell and the Australian Academy of Science,” Dr Poggesi said.

Dr Giorgio PoggesiImage: Dr Giorgio Poggesi


Name: Aidan Ricciardo, Andrzej Gwizdalski, Gemma Scarparolo, Kati Tonkin, Peter Henry

Achievement:  Five teachers from UWA were recognised in the 2022 Australian Awards for University Teaching in the category of Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. 

Aidan Ricciardo, from the Law School, received an Early Career Citation for making legal studies accessible and inclusive, instilling self-confidence and supporting law students to be the best learners and graduates they can be. 

Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski, from the Business School, was recognised  for the development of interdisciplinary blockchain curricula, technological resources and services that enable students to access employment opportunities in the digital Web 3 economy.

Dr Gemma Scarparolo, from the Graduate School of Education, was a recipient for her heads and hearts approach to teaching and learning that influence, motivate, and inspire pre-service teachers to teach inclusively and communicate effectively with parents.

Associate Professor Kati Tonkin, from the School of Humanities, was recognised for designing and delivering engaging, accessible, and inclusive curricula and resources that enable effective active learning in German Studies and History.

Associate Professor Peter Henry, from the School of Biomedical Sciences, was acknowledged for web-based applications as “learning bridges” that enable students to readily cross the expansive gulf between theoretical and experimental pharmacodynamics.

The awards recognise the most outstanding teachers and programs across the sector, celebrating university teachers at different stages in their careers, from early career academics to those who have devoted a lifetime to learning and teaching.

Congratulations UWA staff and students.

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