Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences

Understanding the major causes and prevention of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in Australia but the causes of developing CVD are complex. As well as diet and lifestyle factors, susceptibility to CVD is known to have a significant genetic component, however this is not yet well understood.

Respiratory issues affect more than one in four Australians and 14 per cent of all deaths in Australia are caused by a lung disease-related illness.

The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences team runs various research programs aimed at understanding the basic mechanism of disease processes and how to provide better treatment or preventative strategies.

One in six Australians will be affected by cardiovascular disease

More than 10% of health issues in Australia relate to lung issues

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One in seven people in Australia die of a lung disease-related illness

Current projects

There are a number of current projects in the areas of cardiovascular and respiratory science.

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