Coastal and Offshore Research Lab

The Coastal and Offshore Research Lab (CORL) is the only large-scale research facility in Australia that will simultaneously support both offshore and coastal engineering research from the surface to the seabed

These research areas are critical to the UWA Grand Challenge: “Sustainable Oceans and Coasts.”

Our Research

The newly established Coastal and Offshore Research Lab (CORL) is a 1900m2 multi-purpose hydraulics laboratory space that is ideally suited for research and industry-led projects from the seabed to the surface, and from deep to shallow water.

Latest Projects

Quantifying Wave Attenuation by Artificial Reefs

Natural reef structures (coral or rocky) protect vast portions of the world’s coastline from coastal flooding and erosion. Artificial reef structures can function similarly to protect coastlines by dissipating wave energy, while also delivering ecosystem services that can offer many additional benefits over conventional hard engineering structures. However, there is presently a lack of established guidelines to design artificial reefs for coastal protection.

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Swimming in Surface Waves - Heave Frequency

Open water swimming is an endurance sport that is rising in popularity but presently lacks scientific understanding compared to its indoor counterpart. One difference with open water swimming is that swimmers will encounter surface waves, and will either have to swim with, or against the direction in which waves are propagating.

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Our Facilities

Contract Research and CORL Facilities Hire

Located at Shenton Park Field Station, CORL has established relationships with dozens of researchers and industry partners.

We are currently undertaking numerous research projects and are committed to further developing our client base. CORL has conducted tests for Woodside, Total Marine, Fugro Marine Australia, and Water Tech.

The CORL team will provide support for any facility hire arrangement and welcomes all enquires to undertake research and industry projects.

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