Final year

Final year checklist

As you approach the end of your degree, forming a strong and professional network becomes crucial. It’s now time to put yourself in front of prospective employers with a stellar résumé and a strategy to ace that interview.

Build your network

I got valuable tips and advice from the CareerConnect conference. I am absolutely certain the priceless advice will be of immense help in the future. The best part of the whole event was when I got the chance to interact and network with the panellists and many of the alumni on a one-to-one basis.
Amlan Majumder
Master of Applied Finance

Did you know up to 70% of all jobs are never advertised?* Many jobs are acquired through connections you build with people. As a UWA student you have VIP access to some amazing and exclusive networking events to form these connections. Here, you’ll meet some of the best leaders from the world’s largest organisations.
*Source: Business Insider, 2019

Know how to network

Professional networking is a two-way interaction meant to increase your social connections to open doors. Simply put, it is about asking people in a job you like, how they got there. Most people love to share their career journey and the process of asking them to share theirs will help you with yours. Networking can be fun. To get started, here are three simple tips:

  • Tip 1: Networking should be a two-way conversation, so make sure you ask questions and don’t just talk about yourself.
  • Tip 2: Have a clear idea of your career goals. It’s easier for someone to help you if you know what you want.
  • Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to ask people how they got their role(s). People enjoy talking about this and you’ll get some great tips.

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Job opportunities

So you're ready to start looking for your dream job but you're not sure where to begin? We're here to help! Check out some of the job search engines below to get you started.

Prepare your application

As you prepare to enter the workforce, you’ll need an application that stands out and the skills to sail through your job interview. We’re here to help you with these crucial components through a personalised Career Toolkit and VMock.

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Develop your Career Toolkit. Here, you'll find resources to help you create an elevator pitch, prepare your résumé and interview, develop a professional LinkedIn profile and more!

Check your résumé with VMock

Upload your résumé to VMock, our online résumé checker. You’ll be provided with detailed feedback and a score. You should aim for a score of over 75%. You can also access the LinkedIn Aspire Tool which provides you with customisable and actionable guidance to improve all aspects of your LinkedIn profile to establish your personal brand and reflect your potential.

Get real candidate assessment experience

As a UWA student you’ll have access to tools to prepare you for every stage of the job assessment and recruitment process.

Starting your new job

Your next step to success?

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