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Infringement and appeals hero

Infringements and appeals 

UWA campuses adhere to the UWA Lands By-Laws and regulations.

University car parks undergo regular patrols, and parking restrictions are enforced according to the signage within each car park.

To avoid an infringement, ensure:

  • A valid EasyPark or parking machine session is enabled
  • Park in the right zone for your payment method
  • Obey all parking and road signs.

Understanding your infringement

If you are uncertain about the reason for receiving an infringement notice, some common parking offences and associated fines include:

Driving other than on a traffic area $45
Exceeding speed limits $90
Failing to give way when entering or leaving a parking area $90
Disobeying traffics signs $90
Breaching an act or regulation $90
Parking without a valid parking permit or ticket $45
Parking in a no-parking area  $45
Parking in a disabled bay $70
Parking a motorcycle, motor scooter or similar vehicle other than in a motorcycle area $45

Options for dealing with an infringement notice

If you receive an infringement notice on campus, you can:

  • Pay the amount shown on the notice within 7 days of the issue date. A 10% discount applies to payments made within this timeframe. This discount does not apply to infringements that are appealed
  • Appeal the infringement within 35 days, following the appeals process below.

How to pay

You can pay via the portal using Visa or Mastercard: Pay Infringement.


If you believe there is cause for your infringement to be waived, you can lodge a written appeal within 35 days of the infringement date through the Parking Appeals portal.

  • All appeals are reviewed by a UWA parking infringement panel
  • An appeal will not be accepted if the infringement has already been paid
  • You will be notified by email of the outcome of your appeal
  • A second appeal will only be accepted if new relevant information is provided
  • Verbal and email appeals will not be considered.

Need help?

If you need any help, contact UniPark.

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