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At UWA, we encourage sustainable transport options such as cycling and public transport instead of driving to campus.

From January 2024, the University is moving to the EasyPark app-based parking system across all our metro campuses.

  • Paid parking applies Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, with free parking outside these hours
  • The campus speed limit is 25km per hour

Dedicated parking areas on our campuses include: 

  • Yellow: students and visitors
  • Red: staff
  • White: staff reserved
  • Green: exclusively reserved for UWA clinics (Optometry, Sleep and Podiatry), Oral Health Centre, University Club members and Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery visitors. There is no charge for a parking session under 30-minutes (one session per day):

Car Park 4 - University Club Member Parking – Hackett Entrance 1
Car Park 25 – UWA Aquatic Centre and UWA Exercise and Performance Centre Parking – Parkway Entrance 4
Car Park 52 - Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Parking – Fairway Entrance 1
Car Park 81 – UWA Podiatry Patient Parking – Crawley Avenue entrance
Car Park 100 – Oral Heath Centre Patient Parking – Monash Avenue entrance

  • Pink: 30-minute loading bay
  • Orange: for approved maintenance vehicles only

Download the Crawley campus parking map, or view the MazeMap to find the locations of our car parks.

Ensure compliance with parking rules by matching your parking area with the selected zone on the EasyPark app. Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology validates parking sessions or permits.

For detailed parking regulations, refer to The University of Western Australia Lands By-laws.

For parking-related enquiries, contact [email protected]

  • Staff

    UWA staff can park in Red (staff) areas or White (staff reserved) using the EasyPark app, with options for PAYG or a Permit. For details visit Staff Parking.

  • Students

    Current UWA students can use Yellow (students and visitors) areas with the EasyPark app, choosing between PAYG or a Permit. College Row residents and students living in postcode exemption areas (see below) are ineligible for UWA student parking.

    Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

    Pay for the time you use, using the app on your mobile phone. You start and stop your parking session with EasyPark.

    Student parking is 50c per hour and capped at a maximum of $2 per session*. Costs will be charged directly to your credit card.

    *Session validity: A session is valid for a full day. For example, if you park for 4 or more hours in one session in the same car park, the maximum payment remains at $2. You can park in yellow (student and visitor) bays for this price.

    REMEMBER: Your session is valid only if you remain parked in the same car park. If you leave campus and park in a different car park, you must stop your old session and start a new one for the new car park. However, if you leave the car park and return to a different car bay within the same car park, that is allowed within the same session.


    Student permit parking is available in semester or annual upfront options. To park on campus grounds, you will need to start and stop each parking session with EasyPark.

    • A semester 1 permit is valid from 1 January to 30 June - $90
    • A semester 2 permit is valid from 1 July to 31 December - $90
    • An annual permit is valid from 1 January to 31 December - $180

    You can purchase a semester 1, 2 or annual Permit via the portal using Visa or Mastercard: Student Permit Payment

    Please note that a Permit does not guarantee an allocated parking space.

    Postcodes exemptions

    Students living in the following postcodes are not eligible for UWA student parking: 

    • 6000 - Perth City
    • 6003 - Highgate, Northbridge
    • 6004 - East Perth
    • 6005 - West Perth, Kings Park
    • 6006 - North Perth
    • 6007 - Leederville, West Leederville
    • 6008 - Subiaco, Shenton Park, Daglish
    • 6009 - Nedlands, Crawley, Dalkeith
    • 6010 - Swanbourne, Karrakatta, Claremont, Mt Claremont
    • 6011 - Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove
    • 6012 - Mosman Park
    • 6014 - Jolimont, Wembley, Floreat
    • 6018 - Churchlands, Woodlands, Karrinyup, Innaloo, Doubleview, Gwelup
    • 6021 - Stirling, Balcatta
    • 6050 - Menora, Coolbinia, Mt Lawley
    • 6100 - Victoria Park, Lathlain, Burswood
    • 6101 - East Victoria Park, Carlisle
    • 6107 - Cannington, Bekenham, Kenwick, Queens Park, East Cannington, Wattle Grove, Wilson
    • 6158 - East Fremantle
    • 6159 - North Fremantle
    • 6162 - White Gum Valley, South Fremantle, Beaconsfield
  • Visitors

    General visitors can park in the Yellow (student and visitor) areas.

    Both Yellow and Green bays cost $3 per hour via the EasyPark app or parking machines.

  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycle parking is free in designated areas. Refer to the parking map for motorcycle bay locations. Motorcycles are not allowed to park in car bays.

  • Accessible parking bays

    Most UWA car parks have designated UWA accessible parking bays for parkers with an ACROD or UWA accessible permit.

    If the UWA accessible bays are full, ACROD or UWA accessible permit holders can also park in Red (staff)  or Yellow (student and visitor) bays without payment.

    Payment is required if using the Green (special purpose) bays, at $3 per hour.

    Remember to always display your valid ACROD or UWA accessible permit when parking on campus.

    For staff information, visit Obtaining a UWA accessible parking permit.

    Students requiring a UWA accessible permit should contact the UniAccess team via a call back line (08) 6488 4630 or by email [email protected]

  • Contractors and non-uwa staff parking

    Contractors or staff from a non-UWA business based at our metro campuses may be eligible for staff parking, with options between PAYG or an annual Permit. Annual Permits require advance payment.

    Parking is available in Red (staff) areas.

    Other cases

    For parking permit applications not covered by these guidelines or those seeking an exemption, approval will be considered on a case-by-case basis for exceptional or special cases. Additional charges applicable.

    Application process

    1. Complete the application via the portal.
    2. UniPark will confirm the status of your request within one-two business days, and if approved, send a payment link
    3. Once payment is made, your permit will be valid from the next business day

    Annual Permits expire 12 months from the date of payment.

  • Event bus parking

    If planning an event and bringing buses to campus, here’s what you need to know.

    • Event organisers should provide specific arrival and departure times for buses via our portal: Event Bus Parking 
    • Buses should enter the University from Winthrop Avenue, turn left, and follow the ring road to the marked bus parking sign (east of the tennis courts).
    • Buses must not enter car parks, park on verges or park across multiple bays.
    • After dropping off passengers, buses are required to leave the site promptly

    Need more information or assistance with logistics? Contact UniPark.

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging bays

    EV charging stations are available at the Crawley campus for staff, students and visitors to charge their vehicles.

    • Low-charging EV stations: 4-hour limit applies
    • Fast-charging EV stations: 30-minute limit applies

    Refer to the parking map for locations.

  • Inner campus access and deliveries

    The inner campus roads in the Crawley campus are pedestrian and cyclist zones. Vehicle access is restricted within this area. Find out more information about inner campus access.

    Within our car parks, Pink (loading) bays are designated for the delivery/collection for commercial vehicles servicing the UWA campus, with a 30-minute limit.

    Refer to MazeMaps for loading bay locations. 

Find parking

To locate parking areas, go to MazeMaps and select the icon for ‘parking’. Alternatively, you can view the Crawley campus parking map (PDF). 

Frequently asked questions

See the full list of EasyPark FAQs.

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