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If you have been a victim of cyber-crime, detect an incident or suspect that malicious activity is taking place, please report it to University IT and help us respond faster.

How to report a cyber security incident

You can call the IT Service Desk on ext. 1234 (+61 8 6488 1234) or email [email protected] to report an incident.

If you wished to make an anonymous complaint or disclosure, you may submit your report through the Complaints portal.

How to identify a cyber security incident

Any attempted or successful unauthorised access, disclosure, or misuse of University computing systems, data or networks (including hacking and theft) can be considered as a cyber security incident. It may involve:

  • a violation of IT Policies or Standards
  • device loss or theft - personal or University owned
  • unauthorised computer or system access
  • loss of information confidentiality
  • loss of information availability
  • compromise of information integrity
  • a denial of service condition against data, network or computer
  • misuse of service, systems or information
  • physical or logical damage to University devices and equipment
  • tempering with the configuration of University devices and equipment
  • presence of a virus or other malicious program, including alerts from your antivirus software that your computer may have malware
  • sudden appearance of unexpected/unusual programs
  • posting of confidential/restricted data to a publicly accessible website
  • inadvertent sending of restricted data to unauthorised recipients
  • establishment of an unauthorised accounts for a computer or application
  • unusual network connections to a computer or an application
  • sharing or revealing of University account passwords
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