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Gifts, benefits and hospitality 

The University’s policy on Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality (GBH) should be read by any of the following people who are offered GBH in the course of their UWA activities:

  • Senate and Senate Committee members
  • Staff members
  • Committee Members
  • Anyone acting for UWA on a Financial Commitment.

If you are giving or receiving a gift, you must avoid situations that could lead to or be seen to lead to a conflict of interest, or which would be considered inappropriate or unlawful.


  • What does the GBH policy apply to?
    • gifts of any value offered above normal salary or other entitlements
    • Benefits which are preferential treatment, privileged access, favours or other intangible advantages
    • Hospitality offers which if accepted will cause a conflict of interest
    • Conference GBH for conferences not excluded under the policy
  • What doesn’t the GBH policy apply to?
    • reward, recognition, or health and wellbeing programs
    • honorariums and other minor incidental payments
    • anything included in terms of an engagement (i.e. a bonus)
    • research grant funded travel including conferences
    • conference travel, attendance and other associated costs in an area of expertise or provided as an award or prize
  • What am I not permitted to do with regards to GBH?
    • Solicit GBH for undertaking their duties and/or functions
    • Accept monetary gifts
    • Accept GBH from any individual/group current, or about to be, engaged in a procurement process
    • Accept GBH which may create a real of perceived conflict of interest
    • Accept a GBH from foreign entities that may create a foreign interference risk.
    • Attempt to avoid the policy by having someone else accept GBH for them.
  • Is there a financial limit for any GBH I may receive?

    There are limits that apply to a one off GBH and those that accumulate over a 12-month period. You should refer to the GBH policy and procedures for the amounts.

  • Are there any concepts I should consider when offered GBH?

    The Public Sector Commission WA (the PSC) has amended and provided the following decision making took with the permission of the Victoria PSC.

    G – Giver

    • Who is providing the gift, benefit or hospitality and what is their relationship to me?
    • Does my role require me to select contractors, award grants, regulate industries or determine government policies?
    • Could the giver (person or organisation) benefit from a decision I make?

    I – Influence

    • Is the giver seeking to influence my decisions or actions?
    • Is the gift, benefit or hospitality being offered to me publicly or privately?
    • Is it a courtesy, token of appreciation or highly valuable?
    • Does its timing coincide with a decision I am about to make?

    F – Favour

    • Is the giver seeking a favour in return for the gift, benefit or hospitality? 
    • Is the gift, benefit or hospitality being offered honestly?
    • Has the giver made several offers to me or people in my business area over the last 12 months?
    • Would accepting it create an obligation on me to return a favour?

    T – Trust

    • Will public trust be enhanced or diminished?
    • Could I publicly explain why I am accepting the gift, benefit or hospitality?
    • What would my colleagues, family, friends and associates think?
    • Have I made good records on accepting the gift, benefit or hospitality in accordance with reporting and recording procedures?
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