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University Global Engagement Committee


Global Engagement Committee

This committee operates in accordance with the UWA Principles for the Operation of Committee and UWA Rules for the operation of committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members' Code of Conduct.

Position of the Committee within the University of Western Australia

1. The Global Engagement Committee is a standing committee of the University Education Committee.


2. The role of the Global Engagement Committee is to—

a) advise and submit recommendations to the University Education Committee on global engagement strategy and associate activities;

b) develop strategies and activities that support the internationalisation plan;

c) provide guidance on global engagement and internationalisation plan;

d) provide input to the University and school planning as it relates to global engagement;

e) monitor global engagement activities and their impact; and

f) provide an annual report to Academic Board via the University Education Committee on global engagement activities undertaken.


3.(1) The Global Engagement Committee comprises:

(a) the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) as Chair;

(b) the Pro vice-Chancellor (Academic Excellence)

(c) the Chief Marketing Officer or nominee;

(d) the Associate Director, Global Engagement;

(e) the Managers, Global Engagement (Regional);

(f) the Director, Load Planning and Management; and

(g) the Head of School or nominee; from each school;

3.(2) The Global Engagement Committee may include standing invitees who may bring a specific focus on global engagement in a particular context, i.e. school or research institute.  These may include:

(a) the Director (Education Innovation and Enterprise);

(b) the Director of a research centre/institute or nominee;

(c) a representative from the Finance portfolio;

(d) the Coordinator School Global Engagement or Internationalisation (or similar role);

(e) the Manager, Global Learning Office;

(f)a representative from the Research portfolio;

(g) a representative from UWA College; and

(h) a any other area relevant to the focus area.


Terms of office

4.(1) The term of office of members appointed under 3(1)(i)  is ongoing.

Skills and/or qualifications of members and nominees

5. It is desirable that members and standing invitees have a leadership role within the global engagement/education portfolio in their respective functional area or substantial experience in global engagement, and this important role is to be taken into account when nominees are appointed.


6. The quorum for the Global Engagement Committee is half the number of members appointed under 3(1) plus one.


7.(1) All All matters are decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

7.(2) Each members has a vote.

7.(3) The chair of the meeting has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

7.(4) Invitees or standing invitees do not have a vote.

Delegation to Chair

8.(1) The Global Engagement Committee delegates authority to the Chair to establish subgroups to manage the activity referred to in 2(b), which have the authority to make and action decisions that are within the parameters of guidelines approved by the Global Engagement Committee.

8.(2) Any changes to existing guidelines for global engagement-related schemes under 2(b) must be forwarded by the relevant section to the Global Engagement Committee for its approval.

Frequency of meetings

9. The committee normally meets eight times a year during the period from February to November and may meet more frequently when required.



Executive Officer: Ms Michelle Bailey

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