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Delegations of authority are the mechanisms by which the University enables officers of the University to act on behalf of the University. Delegations are a key element in effective and efficient governance and management of the University.

The University of Western Australia Act 1911 assigns powers, authorities, duties and functions to the Senate and Vice Chancellor and subsequently to members of staff and committees of the University as represented in the delegations framework.


The delegations framework includes the Delegations policy, procedures, and registers, as well as the University's Act, Statute, Regulations, Rules and Policies and any external legislative requirements.

  • Delegations Framework Policy: sets out the terms for delegating authority within the University and ensures that delegated authority is exercised by the most appropriate individuals.
  • Procedures: are currently being refreshed and operationalise the Delegations Policy.
  • Registers: list the delegations of authority.


Find the following Delegations of Authority on the Staff Intranet (requires SSO log in):

  • Delegation of Signing Authority
  • Delegation of Financial Authority
  • Delegation of Human Resources Authority
  • Delegation of Academic Board Authority
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