About the project 

The safest and most effective COVID-19 vaccine will not restore our way of life unless it reaches the arms of the population. Australians will be offered a COVID-19 vaccine to help protect their families against coronavirus, and to build an effective COVID-19 vaccination program, researchers need to develop knowledge around the best way to communicate with the public about new vaccines and policies. 

Coronavax uses qualitative interviews and social media analysis to explore Western Australians’ concerns, motivations and information needs regarding COVID-19 vaccination. A summary of findings from the Coronavax Project will be communicated with State and Commonwealth Government employees and stakeholders through a series of open discussions. These sessions aim to shape the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, ensuring important community concerns are taken into account.

This project is a joint initiative of The University of Western Australia, home to the VaxPol Lab, and the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases, based at Telethon Kids Institute.


Our aim

The project seeks to build dialogue between the community and government to uncover the conditions necessary for high uptake of the vaccine. 

Our collaborators and funding partners



Help us help you – Join community interviews 

We are looking for people to help us learn more about community attitudes and perceptions around COVID-19 vaccines, as well as what kind of information would help during the vaccine rollout process. 

Participating in an interview as part of the Coronavax Project will ensure your voice is heard as a COVID-19 vaccine program is rolled out in Western Australia.

Participant groups


Who can take part?
All residents aged over 18 and living in Western Australia are welcome to participate. Our researchers hope to involve people from a variety of age groups, family types and professions.
What does the study involve?

Participation in the Coronavax Project will involve: 

  • A 5-minute pre-screening survey
  • A one-on-one interview lasting approximately 1 hour, which will be audio-recorded and transcribed

Your involvement is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any point. Participants will receive a $20 supermarket voucher.

What will you be asked?

Participants will be asked to share their thoughts on:

  • If and why they want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine
  • What are their attitudes about a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Is there any difference between COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines?
  • Any concerns or barriers?
  • How attitudes are informed by experiences during the pandemic and lockdown
Your privacy
Your participation in this study and any information you provide is confidential. Information gathered from this project will be published in academic journals and media articles, but your name and any identifying details will not be used. The same standard of privacy applies to the summarised findings that will be communicated with State and Commonwealth Government employees and stakeholders. This study has been approved by the Child and Adolescent Health Service Ethics Committee at Perth Children’s Hospital.


Contact us 

If you have any questions, please contact the study staff by emailing